Hotel Poseidon (2021)
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Dave is the "manager" of the defunct Hotel Poseidon. When one of the residents of this ruin challenges Dave to "do something different today" Dave's existence becomes even stranger and more horrifying than it already is.

Dave wanders the fungus covered walls of the hotel like a passive spectator to what happens around him -- whether it's clients without cash, his mother castrating him with her sharp tongue or a sick aunt in the hallway whose pension keeps the place going. Dave will gradually lose his balance and tumble into a waking nightmare, in which his hotel is transformed into an existential purgatory.
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posted by miss-lapin at 4:51 AM on January 6, 2022

This film is extremely uncomfortable to watch. The set design is such that I could feel how revolting that space was filled with fungus and grime. While it's an impressive accomplishment, it's not pleasant to experience the results of that accomplishment.
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Created by the people behind the Abattoir Fermé theatre group. This kind of thing is difficult to do well, and they do it very well indeed.
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Wow thank you for that remembrancer.
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It's wild that like 18 months ago, people would groan "Who the fuck has HBO Max/Paramount+/Peacock?" but now people are like, "Yeah, man, check out the new stuff on Arrow/Metrograph/Alamo Online." It's been... a transition.
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Actually I got Arrow early on because I enjoy their selection and not leaving the house.
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Just a side note, Hotel Poseidon fascinating and very visceral. I wouldn't say I enjoyed, but I did appreciate it. I just wanted to note it's also it's an extremely uncomfortable film to watch.
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