The North Water: (all 5 episodes)
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A disgraced ex-army surgeon signs up as ship's doctor on a whaling expedition to the Arctic; on board he meets a harpooner, a brutish killer whose amorality has been shaped to fit the harshness of his world.

BBC: Why The North Water is the best tv series you missed in 2021

"A five-part miniseries set in the 19th Century – with episode titles like We Men Are Wretched Things and To Live is to Suffer – might be what you would call a 'hard sell' for audiences these days. In a world awash with streaming content, and where escapism never seemed more appealing, it's easy to see how The North Water flew under the radar when it premiered last year, on AMC's streaming service AMC+ in the United States and on the BBC in the UK. It's a prickly endeavour, after all."
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This is a really great miniseries. If you enjoyed season one of The Terror, this feels similar, but it's really quite a different ship. Super great performance by Colin Farrell.
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I dunno. I loved The Terror and had high hopes for this, but somehow it just never worked for me. I watched every episode hoping that would be the one that engaged me, but ... nope.
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A whaling boat is a miniature society. All holed up together up until the boiling point. Humanity concentrated.
Think: The Sea Wolf.
So it can be about overcoming hardship and comradery.

This though is about whoring, fighting, betrayal.
Bludgeoning of seals and slaughtering of whales for the sake of profit.

And sea shanties and picturesque arran sweaters and meerschaum pipes of course.

The horribleness that we man did is all over this miniseries.
And yet it is so well made it kept me watching. I had to pause it now and then to breathe though.
Very different from any other tv series.
'Stark' is the English adjective I think.
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