And Just Like That...: Sex and the Widow
January 13, 2022 10:01 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Continuing adventures of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte (but not Samantha)

Carrie's new book is about her life after being widowed. To counter the bleak tone, Carrie's editor suggests adding a more hopeful ending. To that purpose, Carrie considers a computer date. Miranda is disappointed that after three months, her emails to Che have gone unanswered. Miranda initiates sex with Steve, but their lukewarm attempt quickly fizzles out. Carrie meets her computer date, Peter, a handsome widower. Their evening starts awkwardly but they loosen up with drinks, only to be mutually embarrassed when both drunkenly vomit in the street. Harry is upset that Charlotte refuses to apologize for knocking him over during a couples tennis match with Lisa and Herbert. After multiple failed IVF attempts, Nya and her husband are trying to get pregnant naturally but without success. Charlotte helps Lisa organize a silent auction fund raiser for their children's school. A lunch date with Carrie is auctioned off, but no one bids. Carrie finally bids on herself, only to be outbid by Peter, who is a math teacher at the school. Miranda runs into Che at the auction. Che apologizes for having missed Miranda's emails. They meet later and have sex.
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I'm finding it so hard to watch...because so much of it feels so raw and true. I have been in those spousal arguments! I know what it's like to have been married for a very long time! I know the agony of the school auction! As my kid would say: cringe!
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Ooooh last episode! I'm excited - more than I thought I would be - and really sad that the series is ending. I haven't even finished watching the episode yet, just 7 minutes in, not reading your post or any comments because I don't want spoilers. But I did want to pop in here and say it's been lovely sharing the viewing experience with you all.

After watching the first three episodes of AJLT, I went looking for people to talk to about the show. I tried the subreddit but, oof, so many haters - especially, so many queerphobic haters who dislike and constantly misgender Sara Ramirez and Che (yes, both the actor and the character). And so many reactions from folks who're too young to have caught SATC on its original run, which means their reaction (while completely valid) is just ... missing a component that feels essential to me. Context, I guess. LOL have I just described why I'm the perfect target audience for the reboot? Here I stand yelling at the young 'uns that they just don't understand what it was like back in the day.

I really like that the folks who're participating on the threads here are people who seem to be alumni from the original series, folks who, like me, lived through the Sex And The City decade(s) and watched its impact unfold in real time. Do you know, I used to be too scared to masturbate before I watched that one episode when Charlotte is so taken with her new vibrator?

On that note - I'm off to watch the rest of the episode. :)
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Oh wait, that definitely wasn't the last episode of the series (or season). I wonder why I thought there was only going to be 7 episodes! Heh.

Puzzling: the opening montage of Carrie writing through all kinds of seasons and weather is just 3 months?

Not a bad episode, once again this episode reminds me that the show has settled into its groove, comfortable with itself.
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MiraK, I agree -- this series is for US, the ones who watched the original series. I feel doubly so that it's for ME -- since I'm the same age as these characters. :)

I also thought the opening montage made it seem like more than 3 months has passed...but as with so much in this series I just kinda shrug and move along. However I'm still feeling like Justice for Steve has got to be a thing. Poor Steve!
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Here to pile on the joy. The original show means so much to me that I was genuinely scared to watch this version. I've been absorbing the critiques first and only now felt ok to dive in.

I can now say outright though: I am LOVING it. Loving it! There has been so much negative snark online and in reviews that I went in expecting to hate it, however I concur with all the points above. It's so glorious to have Gen X women on screen like this. I want more I want more I want more. Like Miranda realising what she's been settling for I am explosively RAVENOUS to see women of this age on screen, in some way, any way, that feels authentic and meaningful to me.

I am not blind to the flaws. Yes Steve has been done wrong by the writers; yes the conspicuous wealth and fantasy apartment spaces are as idiotic as ever they were, but the characters, the warmth - the depth of friendship/feeling/experience depicted is just glorious.

And yes the 'issues' are heavy handed and unsubtle, but so fucking what? Nuance is for other formats. I applaud that they are trying to contextulise - and humanise - a lot of these issues for people who aren't coming at the discourse from an informed perspective. It's a good thing to be happening in mainstream TV.

So it's a hearty yay from me.
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One of the few good revisits in recent years. It feels like the original series but with added insight; just a little bit maybe but better than nothing, right?
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I am really enjoying it, and I adore Anthony. I always loved him and he fits in perfectly here.
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