Peacemaker: Best Friends, For Never
January 14, 2022 10:23 PM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Peacemaker has a friend... sort of. Also, his dad is pretty bad.

- This episode introduces Vigilante, a character that was introduced in DC Comics' The New Teen Titans in the early eighties as DC's version of The Punisher. There was another version of the character in the Arrowverse/Berlantiverse.

- Peacemaker's dad was someone called the "White Dragon", apparently not just a racist but some kind of white supremacist leader, given his reception in jail. This article picks apart some of the comics precedent for the character.

- I didn't mention this in the previous episode, but Leota Adebayo, who seems to be the deuteragonist of the series, is played by Danielle Brooks, who also played Taystee on Orange is the New Black.
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An e-vite for chardonnay and charcuterie.
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I kind of like how this (and the upcoming 'Moon Knight') breaks the fourth wall and explores how classic "supers" are mentally unwell when viewed objectively against consensual reality.

Danielle Brooks feels like she'll eventually be allowed to grow the character she's doing. At least I hope so.
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I am watching this through a second time after first watching it when it aired, and I like it even more this time around. But can we please talk about the way that Harcourt is woken up in this episode in the middle of the night from a dead sleep and she’s WEARING HER BRA??
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