And Just Like That...: "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"
January 20, 2022 7:34 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The continuing adventures of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, and their new friends (but not Samantha).

Che, believing Miranda has an open marriage, breaks things off after learning Steve knows nothing about their relationship. Charlotte is upset after Lily walks in on her and Harry having oral sex in the bathroom. Charlotte awkwardly covers up by claiming she was just checking Harry for cancer. Carrie is unable to sleep due to her young downstairs neighbor Lisette's constant loud socializing. After Carrie complains, Lisette apologizes. Seema thinks Lisette must be a high-priced prostitute to afford such an expensive apartment, though Carrie later discovers she is a successful jewelry designer. Charlotte has a frank talk with Lily after discovering she posted semi-sexy photos of herself on a secret Instagram account. Miranda tells Che she is in love with her and is ending her marriage. Miranda confesses everything to Steve. She wants a divorce, saying she is unhappy, though Steve is content with what their relationship has become. Miranda later flies to Cleveland where Che is performing.
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I think the show has really hit its stride. I loved: Charlotte's whole mommy vibe (wow, I sympathize!); Steve's reactions through that scene with Miranda; Miranda rushing off to see Che in Cleveland (you just know that's not gonna end well); Carrie in her mode of being the (mostly) sane foil to her friends' antics.

Was heavily confused by: what Carrie was wearing when she was strolling outside while on the phone.
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(Actually I finally realized Carrie's outfit was her special smoking clothes, LOL.)
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That was a good episode once again, pretty grounded and steady. I like the way Miranda's storyline is going. They're making it clear she is not capable of being single rn, and that means singledom is exactly where she's headed by the end of the season. I realllllllllllly hope they don't get her back together with Steve in future seasons, though. Both she and he deserve better than to be stuck with each other ever again. She stagnates painfully because of him and he gets jerked around even more painfully by her: enough already. I hope he only sticks around as a wholesome, functional ex-husband/co-parent. The show needs one of those.

It felt a little unbelievable to me that Lily doesn't know that was a blowjob! But who knows... my 13 year old is much less wayward than I had imagined a kid his age would be. I probably don't have a pulse on realistic 15 yr old worldliness levels, even if they are New York 15 yr olds.

They're really letting Charlotte shine as a mom, aren't they? She the total opposite of a "cool mom" who is your best friend whose codependence goes unacknowledged by the show (*gag* GilmoreGirls *gag*), she is an actual parent in her kids' lives. She isn't a perfect mom who only makes silly errors that her kids overreact to; she has real failings that not all of us can easily forgive. Her kids are bratty and vulnerable at the same time, that is DIFFICULT to nail! It tends to be either-or on shows like these. Charlotte's worst qualities actually remind me of my genuinely-fucked-up seriously-mentally-ill mother... I used to hate her character in the original show. But this show helps me root for her because of how frequently she catches herself, reaches out, does better. It's nice to see a mom portrayed like this.

I did cringe when Carrie pretended she yelled at the young 'uns only to write, not to sleep. I get that the show intended for me to cringe at that moment, but I sort of groaned at the inanity of it. Why does Carrie care if she isn't 30 anymore?? WHY DOES CARRIE CARE? Someone needs to use her own line on her, remind her that Big is dead, Carrie, what's a little "Ma'am" in comparison? :P But I guess that's Carrie for you.

I keep thinking, it's going to be one hell of an awkward podcast episode when Miranda inevitably makes a huge mess of things with Che (even more of one). What are the chances that Che is ~THAT professional~ it never has an impact? LOL
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Miranda has some frantic energy, especially at the end of this episode, that is very not SATC Miranda. I understand the thrill of change and renewal, but this is beyond. At least Steve got some lines in this episode that treat the character with dignity and show that he's more than a bumbling husband with hearing loss. I still think he's being done dirty by the writers (#JusticeForSteve).
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