Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE UNDEAD   Rewatch 
January 27, 2022 4:36 PM - Season 8, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Rewatch! We've seen a lot of silly depictions of hypnosis, but in this one a couple of people use it to go back in time. A lady is regressed to a past life where she was falsely accused of witchcraft. The hypnotist goes back too (he had a past life that knew her?) to try to change events. Getting mixed up in things is a real witch, a gravedigger with a whimsical (if gross) lyrical sense, and Satan himself. In the "story arc," we're on Observer world still.

Aaah I accidentally posted next week's early. Well, there's no reason it can't go up early. This episode, The Undead, is the one due on 1/27. Next week's episode, for Terror From The Year 5000, is for 2/3. Previously.
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Every week some of us get together to watch Mystery Science Theater and other weird and fun things at something we like to call MST Club. Our shows take place Thursday evening starting at 7 PM US Eastern time, at
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I just saw this on Svengooli like a month ago! Better than you'd guess, but still not a good film.
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As an MST3k episode of 90-ish minutes based on a 75 minute film, the host segments on this one are somewhat unusually lengthy to make up the gap.
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