Raising Dion: Raising Dion - Season 2
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Two years after facing the Crooked Man, Dion tries to carry a normal life while developing his powers. A new classmate is incorporated to Dion's class.

IGN Season 2 Review - A solid follow-up to its predecessor: "The second season of Netflix’s Raising Dion is a charming jaunt down a familiar road. Convenient in its pathing with nary a twist in sight, most of the story beats can be seen coming from afar. That said, the newly developed areas of interest make the journey more than worth taking."

The Review Geek Review – Less raising of Dion and more raising of mediocrity: "Raising kids is hard work. It’s incredibly rewarding but hard nonetheless. When Raising Dion dropped back in 2019, it took this concept and added in a spice of superhero drama and a sprinkling of mystery to make for a rather enjoyable romp. In the saturated superhero field, it felt fresh to occupy the lives of a suburban family, with mum Nicole trying to come to grips with her son’s superpowers. That coming-of-age drama felt fresh, thanks partly to 7 year old Dion and his loving mother, but it also left plenty on the table for a second season to grow into. Fast forward to 2022 and Raising Dion feels like a very different show – and not in a good way. Now, that’s not to say there aren’t parts to like here but compared to the charm and hook of the 2019 offering, this follow-up feels like it’s lost sight of what made the original so endearing."

Meaww Review: Promising show for children let down by poor execution - The new season tries to bring more to the table but ends up feeling like the creators bit off more than they could chew

Mama's Geeky Review: Raising Dion season 2 steps everything up a notch — it’s bigger and better in every way possible, with higher stakes than ever before. - "Raising Dion season one feels like it ended a lifetime ago. Thanks for the state of the world, the filming of season 2 was delayed far too long. Then take into consideration all of the amazing visual effects that were added this season, and it took a while to finish up. However, the time is almost here and as someone who has seen all of Raising Dion season 2 I can say with confidence that it is more than worth the wait!"

BlackGirlNerds.com - BGN interviews the cast of the Netflix series Raising Dion. Featured in the interviews are: Alisha Wainwright (Nicole), Rome Flynn (Tevin), and Jason Ritter (Pat). (12-minute video)
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I think I agree more with the middling reviews than the glowing ones, but, I was still very happy to see the show again after all this time. It was so nice to see Atlanta again after not getting my annual DragonCon trip there the past two years. And the cast is all still good, and the effects work is solid.

The ending leaves me feeling much as I did for S1 -- given Netflix's cancelation pattern, I don't know what odds there are for getting a third season, so the post-credit sequence is more irksome than tantalizing. But, still, it was an enjoyable binge.
posted by oh yeah! at 8:25 AM on February 5, 2022

I felt like the first season was interesting, but kind of struggled to figure out what it was. It wrapped up with a banger ending. This season seems to be repeating the process (though I haven't got to then end yet). They hang an awful lot on Nicole paying heavily for her "bad decision" to investigate the sinkhole. All while there is no plausible in-story reason for Biona to have called her to investigate it OR for her to accept. I mean, I'm willing to buy a certain amount of bad writing in a comic-book narrative, but there are limits.
posted by rikschell at 5:54 AM on February 7, 2022

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