Resident Alien: Girls' Night
February 10, 2022 4:54 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Harry meets a woman unlike any other and realizes that she is the key to his new mission.
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Loved Harry's runner about E.T. being a sexy moron.
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"Oh shit! Oh shit! Deputy, we got ourselves a werewolf!"

I did not expect Harry to climb on the ceiling on all fours. Bravo.

Alex Borstein does a decent Tudyk via Harry. Huh. I had no idea she does Lois' voice on 'The Family Guy!'

"Yes, ma'am."

Nice setup there.
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I got a kick out of the New Mexico Tech references.
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"Are you a talking ham?"
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Was anyone else taken aback by the 10-inch ice dildo gag? This whole running joke is pretty funny, but it feels slightly out of place.

Actually, this is one thing I like about the show. It's three-quarters syfy formula and one-quarter outré out-of-left-field.
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I was totally expecting the regular "reversal" where the mayor is the sub and the wife the dom, but the wife seems to be a happy sub in the bedroom. The ice dildo gag didn't faze me and I liked it because it was ever so slightly out of place - but everyone was responding maturely about it.
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I got a kick out of the New Mexico Tech references.

Yeah, I never thought I would see a 'Techies vs. Townies' reference on TV. I guess the world is a lot smaller than I thought it was.
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Nathan Fillion as the voice of the octopus has been a cute little touch.
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This episode was indeed all about the women shining, right down to Sahar commanding Harry. Beautifully done.

Alex Borstein channeling Alan was a hoot.
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I enjoy Sahar so much! She is by far and away the best character on the show. I wish I’d seen a character like her when I was young, not that my parents would’ve let me watch this back then.
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