Aldnoah.Zero: This Side of Paradise (Sleeping Beauty in the Moon)
January 10, 2015 1:31 PM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Nineteen months after the assault on the UE HQ, the war between Earth and Vers continues.

This is the start of the second half of the 24 episode series.
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So, no one important died, there's another princess masquerading as Asseylum, and Inaho got a power boost. Also the Light of Aldnoah is apparently transmitted by kissing.
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> Also the Light of Aldnoah is apparently transmitted by kissing.

I thought the clue we got was that it had to do with blood - when Yuki-nee's tears fell on Inaho's face, some of Asseylum's blood spattered on Inaho's face then trickled into Inaho's mouth, and we got the Aldnoah light.

I got my question answered as to how Slaine fled on the Tharsis when the Tharsis apparently couldn't fly (remember Cruhteo asking for a sky carrier when readying the Tharsis?). They rode off on one of Dioscuria's flying parts!

But now some additional questions after watching ep. 13:
- did Slaine deliberately not deliver a fatal shot to Inaho, or is Slaine just a bad shot (or Mars pistols are defective)?
- is Asseylum in a coma, or is she deliberately being kept in stasis?
- what's the deal with Lemrina? was she the victim of Vers political intrigue now being helped by Saazbaum?

At least Lemrina's presence now explains why Saazbaum was intent on killing Asseylum without concern for the implications of Asseylum's death regarding the Aldnoah power. Even if both the Emperor and Asseylum die there is still a person who can bestow the Aldnoah power, and she is currently in Saazbaum's pocket. Given how the unconscious Inaho was still able to activate the Deucalion's Aldnoah drive, the "sleeping" Asseylum is an added bit of insurance.
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I was disappointed with the "just kidding! bullets to the head at point blank range are no longer fatal!" bit. I think it adds to the investment in the characters when you know they can die or be seriously hurt, having main characters that never die no matter what drains away a lot of the suspense when they get in a fire fight.
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The series had established that Slaine, while a crack pilot, has no firearms discipline whatsoever. (Standard shooting method: firing wildly while screaming.) It's not too implausible he screwed up a close-range execution by putting the bullet in the eye, where's there's bone enough to dissipate and redirect the force of the shot. Saazbaum evidently had more training, and his shots did enough damage to pierce the Princess' plot armor.
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Ah, those heavy winds in orbit. That really brought the reality home for me.
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I think the winds are a reference to the messed up gravity in the area where the moon and the hypergate had blown up. Saazbaum makes a reference to it somewhat after Slaine lands the Tharsis in the hangar.
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Ah, those heavy winds in orbit. That really brought the reality home for me.

I think this is pretty solidly in "invisible zombie" territory. That is, if you can accept the premise of dead beings being reanimated and having some insatiable hunger specifically for the flesh of the living, then it isn't too far to stretch to some of those zombies being invisible. In this case, if you accept alien technology which can somehow get spread between humans by blood, having messed up gravitational fields causing "wind" in the vacuum of space isn't really a stretch.

The cold intro of this episode threw me for a loop. I thought I had missed an episode or two, but I finally caught on once there were enough flashbacks. It was fun to get back into Inaho the Amazing defeating a new mecha in 10 minutes, while taking minimal damage, but the early beach scene shots were totally gratuitious and unnecessary. Fanservice of the worst sort - at least they didn't start playing volleyball.
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