Raised by Wolves: Seven
February 19, 2022 7:31 AM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Campion is hurt meeting the serpent. The Trust tasks the collective with hunting #7 down. Mother must reconcile her feelings. Convinced the serpent will lead him to the Tree of Knowledge, Marcus sets out to find it before the atheists do.
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The hats (that the bait crew are wearing) are... amusing.

Interesting contrast between Mother (a Necromancer) and Father (a service model) and how they're treated by the biologicals. The prejudices (all around) feel clumsy/ fat-fingered though.

Amanda Collin and Niamh Algar continue to do interesting jobs, but I'm beginning to suspect that Travis Fimmel is all of his characters in real life.

Mother gravitating towards the biggest weapon she could get her hands on is... amusing.

The "futuristic" butterfly bandages are visually intriguing. I'd be in the market for flexible laceration staples that were as easy to apply as butterflies; the limitation of butterflies is that they're still adhesives based.

I actually had a problem visually differentiating Campion and the baby android; that baby android can give life to something that died, I guess we'll see where that thread goes re: Mother being a killer reprogrammed to protect and give life, reverting to killing to preserve.
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