All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite: AEW Dynamite 3/2 & Rampage 3/4
March 2, 2022 4:31 PM - Season 3, Episode 22 - Subscribe

Whoops, someone (me) got too busy to make Fanfare posts for the last two weeks of AEW even thought there were some GREAT matches. Tonight, the card for Revolution starts to fill in even more, plus Tony Khan has a special announcement!

-- What will TK announce? He's already said it's not a new signee (but I'm still rooting for Claudio Castagnoli f/k/a Cesaro to land here eventually). Rumors are split between equally awesome ideas:
1) Announce a Supercard show that would include the new version of Ring of Honor, possibly NJPW and others as well?
2) Announce a streaming deal with HBOMax, akin to WWE's deal with Peacock?
3) Tony's bought the Ring of Honor tape library, which incidentally also includes the original All In PPV that got AEW started?

Also, in what seems almost anti-climactic, there are matches!

-Tag Team Casino Battle Royale for the final spot in the Triple Threat for the AEW Tag Titles at AEW Revolution.

-Hangman Page, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds vs. Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly.
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So... turns out #3 and #4 is at least partly true?! Waiting to here what the exact details of Tony's purchase of ROH will be. This is a BIG DEAL.
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A great Battle Royale from all the tag teams. Happy to see the return of Darius Martin, which will hopefully free Dante Martin from his storyline with Team Taz. Cool that on his return, he got to go all the way to the end with the Young Bucks.
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The Punk/MJF segment wasn't quite as openly emotional as MJF's last week, but wow is the payoff great. I genuinely heard a child scream in the audience when MJF had him strung up in the dog collar.
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Last week during the MJF promo I said to my empty apartment, "oh god if they hug I'm going to cry" and this week even though I knew what was going to happen, when they hugged, sure 'nuff, I cried. MY SHIT'S ALL EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW.
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Rampage thoughts: The Darby/Sammy/Andrade match had some Jackie-Chan-movie level fight choreography. I'm not too fussed about Andrade taking the pin, because the story of the match is that it took the combined efforts of the other two men to put him away.
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JD Drake got a surprising amount of offense on Keith Lee, who nevertheless picked up a 280lb man and ragdolled him around a ring.

Ready to see CM Punk get at least one win after two defeats to MJF, and then maybe a bit of a heel turn himself pretty please?

Kingston actually counted 5 seconds, a good recurring joke from his earlier complaint that he couldn't have an interview segment last that long before interruption. "Kayfabe may be dead, but we don't have to piss on its grave."
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