Top Chef: Primal Instincts
March 8, 2022 2:09 PM - Season 19, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Fifteen of the country’s best chefs arrive in Houston, Texas, ready to fight for the title of “Top Chef.” The opening Quickfire proves to be the toughest first challenge to date when the chefs must team up to create a cohesive dish that showcases each of their styles, but cannot speak to each other during the cook. The stakes only get higher for the Elimination Challenge as the chefs must perfectly cook primal cuts of beef for a table of distinguished Houston chefs including, Robert Del Grande of The Annie Café as well as Top Chef alums Dawn Burrell and Kristen Kish.

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Forgot to add that this episode aired on Thursday, March 3rd.
posted by Bunny Boneyology at 2:13 PM on March 8, 2022

Excited it's back and thanks for posting! I was surprised how poorly the losing team did, but it made sense given how disjointed they were as a concept. I'm both intrigued at how the loss of taste is going to reveal itself, but eyerolly that it's going to be very drama filled. I hope I'm wrong and it's not a huge secret reveal moment, so we'll see.
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So nice to see Dawn and Kristen! This was a decent kickoff.
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I did not realize how tall Dawn was all last season! She's at least as tall as Padma, who is 5'9".
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Yay Houston! I think the city was poorly served by Top Chef Texas. My wife has shopped at the Whole Foods they were in, and at several points said, "I know exactly where they are."
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Hard to figure out who the front runners are, but Sam is a lot of fun in confessionals, so I hope he goes far. Local-ish Luke has all the markers of a "good IRL but can't adapt to the format" early out.

Feels like it's going to be hard to top last season, where a lot of great chefs who would normally be too busy to compete could come on. Seems like they would have filmed this season just as dining was picking back up.
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Yay! Top Chef is back! I have no favorites yet but I love this show and am happy a new season is here. The first Quickfire seemed impossible.
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Also is it just me, or did they simply not show any feedback for one of the teams in the Quickfire? The green team, I think? They showed them presenting the dish but that was all, no reaction or discussion from the judges. I thought it was weird, I wonder why.
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Also is it just me, or did they simply not show any feedback for one of the teams in the Quickfire?

Maybe it was just cut for time? I seem to recall them doing this in early episodes of previous seasons, for those in the middle of the pack, but usually that's when they have to speed through 10-15 individual plates, not team challenges where there are only 5.
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