Mystery Science Theater 3000: JACK FROST   Rewatch 
March 17, 2022 3:54 PM - Season 8, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! In the colder reaches of the north live Russian Cinderella figure Nastinka, complete with cruel godmother and step-sister, and the oafish Ivanushka. They have various folklorical adventures like encountering bandits, being forced to do all the house chores, meeting Father Mushroom, getting turned into a bear and back, meeting Father Frost, outwitting Baba Yaga, being turned into ice and back, and eventually getting married. Fairy tale life is certainly eventful. Previously and again.
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A real beaut, this movie. My heart always melts for Nastinka. Too bad about her name, though.
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There's a part in one of the latest "Tomb Raider" games where Lara Croft is drugged by a Russian and she sees fantastical creatures, so I'm here to tell you that, in spite of the evidence in "Jack Frost", a house with chicken legs can be made to look very menacing.
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a house with chicken legs can be made to look very menacing.

You don't ever want to mess with Baba Yaga, she always means business.
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Hoe cakes were named for cooking on a hoe. Or maybe a shovel. Anyway, if you cook waffles in the original chicken hut, that makes you the inventor of chicken and waffles. I'm not saying Baba Yaga is someone to look up to, even as she made a cameo in this last season of The Witcher, what I'm saying is the Gretel Trick is well shown in this particular episode.
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