Mystery Science Theater 3000: RIDING WITH DEATH   Rewatch 
March 24, 2022 12:01 AM - Season 8, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! A guy can turn invisible and kind of is a spy, and gets involved in two episodic adventures, as a truck driver and a race pit crewman. Another guy known as "Buffalo Bill" helps both times. This movie is made from two installments of the 70s TV show Gemini Man, which only got a pilot and 11 episodes, and of those only five were aired. The second episode in the movie is among the unaired ones. If someone knows the whereabouts of Robert Denby please inform Ben Murphy's nebulously-defined government agency immediately. BTW, Ben Murphy, the lead in this movie, is still alive as of this writing at the age of 80. Congrats to him! Previously and again.
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I can't wait until they add this feature to the Apple Watch.
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I was signed to do an episode of Gemini Man, but my agent called me away, and I had to do those two Rockford Files. I fired him last month.
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In their riff of a movie called Trucker’s Woman, the Rifftrax guys do a call back to this episode.
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How fascinating--I remember this series, as well as its predecessor The Invisible Man with David McCallum (more like the H.G. Wells novel, in that the IM was invisible all the time and had to wear a realistic mask and gloves). Somebody was sure obsessed with this superpower in mid-70s TV.
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This movie forever changed the way I think about New England journalists.
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It's time for this week's MST Club show, at! Our shows are currently Thursday nights starting at 7 PM Eastern time (whether that be Daylight or Standard), which is 4 PM Pacific in case you didn't know! We show other things early, the episode itself usually begins around 9/6 PM Eastern/Pacific.
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I rewatched some episodes of the David McCallum show on YouTube and the music from that show is still great, but boy, is the pace of that show slooooowwwww...

Probably we didn't notice in the 70s - all the shows were slow paced.
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Well there was still lead in gasoline back then, we were all suffering from low-grade blood poisoning.
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