Night's End (2022)
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An anxious shut-in trying to make money by recording videos discovers his new apartment might be haunted.

After Ken's life falls apart, he moves to a new place for a fresh start. He starts recording and uploading a variety of videos in hopes of getting revenue. In the background of one video, a friend notices what might be paranormal phenomena. But Ken also has a history of mental instability. Is what is going in the apartment paranormal? Is it a hoax to get revenue? Is Ken having another breakdown?
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For the most part, this is one of the better horror movies made using covid restrictions to its advantage. There is one scene where, unfortunately, the special effects realllllllly were awful and took me out of the movie. It's sad that happened in a movie that used its limitations so skillfully but hey overall, I found it enjoyable.

Currently streaming on Shudder.
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If you have Criterion, they have nine different short films by this director (Jennifer Reeder) along with an interview.
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Awesome! I will check those out.
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I wish we could get Jennifer Reeder a real banger of a screenplay, because it's usually the writing in the stuff she makes that lets me down. Her style and skills are undeniable. This worked better for me than most of her stuff and I'd even say I liked it. But it was still mildly frustrating seeing a pretty good movie with some of the parts of a very, very good movie but still not getting there.

I've been sort of following her career since a friend(ish) person was her DP on an early short.
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