The Guardians of Justice: Will Save You!
April 3, 2022 4:11 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

It's 1987, and Superman Marvelous Man (Will Yun Lee) is dead, apparently at his own hand. Batman Knight Hawk (Diamond Dallas Page) and The Flash Speed (Sharni Vinson) have to figure out why. But there may be something far worse looming...
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I did not know this was a thing and now I'm going to have to watch it. DDP? As a batman type guy?

I live in the strangest universe.
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It wasn't really anything new new -- the "Justice League but fucked up" road has been well-trod. But this thing was so weird and frenetic and imaginatively created that it just carried me along anyway. Vinson did a really good job as the grounded center trying to deal with the world coming to an end, and even Page gave it way more layers than I expected.

Was it Watchmen? No, but it didn't dishonor the very idea of "Justice League but fucked up". All in all, four stars out of five. Which surprises even me as I type it out. But this ended up better than it deserved.
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I've watched the first couple of episodes, and will be finishing it ASAP--it is way more than fucked-up JL. There's been a certain amount of blurring of "serious takes on superheroes" and "pisstakes on superheroes for shits and grins" in recent years, and this not only riffs off of Watchmen and The Boys, but James Gunn's work on The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker (as well as his pre-GotG work), more recent DCEU stuff (the Lex Luthor expy being a lot like Jesse Eisenberg's version), and tons of eighties references--the 8-bit graphics, the Jason Todd/Dick Grayson figure being a full-out Rambo pastiche, the general feel of the superheroes. If you get the way that John Wesley Shipp's version of Flash was different from the more recent TV and movie versions, that's the way that pretty much all of them are. I'm digging it.
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Just watched the first two episodes. Will probably finish it up in chunks. Surprised they waited until Episode Two to have Page do a Diamond Cutter. Then they had Red Talon - pro wrestlerJohn Hennigan AKA John Morrison in the WWE and John ManyOtherNames elsewhere - do a Canadian Destroyer on a guy (called a Talon Destroyer). So they are definitely leaning into it.
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Just finished it and... well, huh. Doesn't really add up to the sum of its parts, but how could it? It's as if someone looked at the endings of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns and said, but what if the giant alien squid were real? Wouldn't that justify fascist Batman? I don't exactly regret watching this--there were plenty of fun moments along the way--but I'm also not sure why it took Adi Shankar six years to put this together.
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It's as if someone looked at the endings of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns and said, but what if the giant alien squid were real?

Or at least claimed that it was, in a coda with all the weight of a post-credits scene from before they became mandatory.
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I've watched the first couple of episodes. It's definitely the weirdest thing in the "superhero show that is a critique of superhero shows" sub-genre I've seen. I'm not sure how I feel about the mixed formats. A worthwhile experiment, at least.
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Three episodes in, and this show is balls-to-the-walls bonkers. Each episode is a fever-dream, drug-fueled, hallucinogenic mind bender. I love that the aesthetic is equal parts 80s/90s video games and Troma Films-inspired schlock.
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