Meteorological Administration People: Office Romance Cruelty: aka Forecasting Love & Weather
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Inside a national weather service, love proves just as difficult to predict as rain or shine for a diligent forecaster and her free-spirited co-worker.

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MyDramaList show page review: a heartwarmingly poetic romance in the making

Bollywood Hungama - Forecasting Love and Weather Review: Park Min Young – Song Kang starrer predicts a mature yet slightly turbulent romance -- "Two years since the release of her last Korean drama When The Weather Is Nice, the queen of office romances, Park Min Young, is back. She stars alongside rising star Song Kang in a slow paced gleeful drama Forecasting Love and Weather. The drama premiered on February 12, 2022 and simultaneously airing on Netflix. This workplace drama is about two people who work at the Meteorological Department and eventually fall in love. There is an obvious age gap between the leads, which also pits this drama into the ‘noona [older woman] romance’ category to certain extent. Helmed by director Cha Young Hoon of When Camellia Blooms Bloom and writer Kang Eun Kyung of The World of Married and Misty, the story has begun smooth-sailing beginning."
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I enjoyed this one. It's another one that doesn't really have a particularly strong/satisfying/believable ending, but, overall the show had an good ensemble, and an interesting love quadrangle.

I mean, I think I enjoyed the second lead couple's arc even more than the main leads. The show started them in such a bad light -- Han Ki Joon seems pathetic and unforgivable for how he cheated on Jin Ha Kyung and Chae Yoo Jin seems like some kind of opportunist. But by the end I was really rooting for them. Realistically, none of the redemption arcs in the show are really believable (Shi Woo's father in particular is such an outright villain to start with), but, it's in keeping with the overall earnestness of the show.
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I was into this show during the first few episodes. The betrayal by her fiancé was brutal so I was happy she was given the opportunity to publicly call him out on his cheating and financial exploitation. Having her rebound with a younger man who was her subordinate at work was shocking and fun (while the professional side of my brain was saying, "‘Yikes – that’s an HR violation!"). About halfway through the series I started to feel annoyed by all the flip-flopping, but there was one small relationship building that I was quite enjoying: the sister/children’s book author & illustrator and the buttoned up recluse from the meteorological office.

Overall, this wasn’t the best writing or acting in a kdrama, but I enjoyed all the weather metaphors and it ended happily (which was a relief after watching the finale for another popular kdrama that wrapped up at the same time).

oh yeah!: thank you so much for posting these kdramas while they're still fresh!
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the sister/children’s book author & illustrator and the buttoned up recluse from the meteorological office.

Yes, they were adorable, the scene after the mother caught them canoodling was hilarious.

thank you so much for posting these kdramas while they're still fresh!

Thanks -- I do wonder if I should post an episode 1 thread in premiere week and then a full-season thread after the finale. I know some people find full-season threads off-putting. But it's such a crap-shoot as to how the show title will come out of the IMDB API (Meteorological Administration People?), so without the sidebar poster art I feel like the finale/season post would get lost, and the episode 1 thread might morph into a season discussion in the interim. This way I can keep the main post & first comment non-spoiler-y for anyone who just clicks in out of curiosity over whether to watch the show or not.

(Next up - 'Business Proposal', just waiting for it to clear the show-suggestion-queue)
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