Taskmaster: Series 13: The whole thing, beginning with the preview.
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Taskmaster: Series 13 [TRAILER] premieres Thursday 14 April 2022. A live studio audience will be in attendance for the first time since Series 9—Nov 2019! The lucky panelists whose personal items and egos will be on the line are Ardal O'Hanlon, Bridget Christie, Chris Ramsey, Judi Love and Sophie Duker. Their time ... starts ...
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Very excited for this. Does anyone know if there will be any non-shady way for Americans to watch this season?
posted by firechicago at 6:01 AM on April 6, 2022

The show's just launched its own international streaming service.

(That Guardian piece also suggests that Judi Love's going to be pretty amazing in the new series.)
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Firecracker, full eps are on YT with the swearing taken out.
I'm looking forward to the team challenges. Nish's singing challenge is still the best. Did Jo Brand and her team stop to make a cup of tea? I missed the audience participation--it could really sway Greg's judging.
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> ...the audience participation--it could really sway Greg's judging.

Yeah, it usually fuels the fire of ire inside the sire.

@chicagofire — Dailymotion sometimes has some enterprising pirate-hero who will post the episodes a day or two after they air. I dunno how shady that is on your spectrum, but I am guessing it's juuuuust under the Mendoza line.
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That's a lovely farm for a walk.
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I haven't seen the first episode yet, but it looks like this youtuber's curating a collection of the series.
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Poor Alex. He was so proud of his little "red herring" joke and the contestant didn't even notice it.
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This was a really good first episode. The decision to put the duck task in the very beginning was great - it immediately established what we can expect of the contestants.
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That was extremely good! I laughed to tears several times (the entirety of the duck task, Bridget Christie's duel).

Loved that the prize task contained some genuinely well thought out prizes, since the trend in the last two or three seasons toward everyone bringing in deflating, no-effort items completely tanked the point of that task. They don't ever have to be good prizes, but at the very least, I want them to be legitimately funny and/or creative. Would always rather see people swinging for the fences than just bringing in whatever crap occurred to them first.

Can't wait to see who is paired up on the team tasks. Any of those combinations seem likely to yield hilarious results.
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Season 13 Outtake

Yeah, I can't wait to see who the teams are. And the long-hidden duck! And the Red Herring—I was convinced nobody got that, not even the studio audience. That said, it was only there for a quick moment. And I only "got it" about an hour after watching the show.

I love this panel. They're having a great time and seem to like each other. (So far!) And the fact that they're sitting closer together and there's a real live audience—even though those two seasons were great for the circumstances they were given. But the live audience, that you can feel that energy through the set, even though you can't see them. I could sense the presence of an audience and that the hosts and panelists were interacting with them. It felt like a breath of fresh air.
...the only times I remember that kinda vibe, where it's not like the audience is part of the show but they are THERE—Gong Show and Match Game.

And all the tasks were excellent first-episode tasks: fun, but tantalizing because you know from these tasks that they must have some really fresh ideas up their sleeves. Hooray Series 13!

Any news of the CoC II show? I can't be arsed to look it up, it's true.
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CoC II has been filmed already, but no news on when it comes out. In fact the extra duck came from a CoC II task.
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Ardal O'Hanlon's Series 13 Interview Task

Is that something that's going to appear in the show? An out-take? A bit of online bonus material? I'm really curious to know.
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> Is that something that's going to appear in the show? An out-take? A bit of online bonus material? I'm really curious to know.

It's a bit of extra online material available on youtube via the Vega Lupina channel, which seems to have access to a lot of cutting-floor material, and the blessing of the show. They post outtakes and other bits too. I've only seen a couple of takedowns which then appeared on the official TM channel.

Here's Bridget Christie's Interview Task
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Oh, that was a very good first episode - my spouse and I kind of sat on it because the last few seasons were just kind of lukewarm to start off with, although I think it was really just Covid Season 10 that never _really_ gelled. But actual solid laughs from the start to finish, well done guys.

And yeah, I don't know what it is about having the contestants within arms reach of each other, and an invisible but present audience, but it changes the show in undefinable but good ways.
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Is it my imagination or have they changed the rules on how contestants dress this season? I thought the idea was that they each chose a single costume (like Phil Wang's yellow tracksuit) and stuck with it for the full season? I haven't gone back to check but my impression after watching episode 2 is that only Bridget Christie got the memo this time round.
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Turns out it was my imagination. The studio garb varies as it's always done, but they do stick to their established outfits during the task segments. I think I made the mistake because it's only Bridget who has a truly distinctive costume this series. All the others could pass for perfectly normal civvies.
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Episode 2 was nice and punchy! I feel like I am seeing strengths and weaknesses the panelists didn't even know they had—Bridget's buggy ride reminded me of Victoria's bicycle-riding in the previous series. Good to see how the panelists were split into teams.

Also, I had no problems with Greg's scoring during this episode. Much fun, and as good as the first episode.
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Series 13, Episode 2 Outtakes (a full 16 minutes of outtakes from that episode!)
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I love when they set up a task and a contest seemingly nails it while another contestant still beats them while looking only half as sure of themselves.

While I was surprised how long the pit stops took the guys, I don't think the ladies understood there was a rush.

The cool photo task was surprisingly good - those can be really hit and miss.
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I mean, as always, there are times where I wonder how they're managing to find contestants who haven't seen the show before.
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I don't think it's that they haven't seen the show, I think it's that they get caught up in what the task apparently is. It's part panic at the deadline, part relief they think they've hit on a way to do it. That's what stops them (for example) checking if the bag is sugar or salt before they begin. I've seen every episode of every series, and I'm sure I'd be exactly the same if I was in their shoes.

Moving on to episode 3, I have two thoughts. (1) When Bridget Christie climbed onto Greg's chair I think he was genuinely intimidated for a moment - which was a first. (2) Judi Love had good reason to complain about Alex's behaviour in the bucket task. If he hadn't refused to crane his neck forward during the gripper manouvre, she'd have cut her time in half.
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For episode 3,
The delivery of "bubbles" was so far beyond everyone else's (though "cook book" was charming)...
I try to completely ignore the judging, and this is a good reminder of why I should stick to that. I really don't understand why so many (all?) British panel shows have points. Does anybody care?
Is it some kind of loophole? Like you can't have a show without a plot unless it's a competition and competition is defined as being judged numerically?
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The points don't matter, it's just something for the amygdala to chew on while the rational side is trying to figure out the best way to get a tied-up Alex to bite a rubber duck. Some of the best performances—Phil Wang, Jo Brand come to mind, Acaster, Wilkinson—are given when the lack of a fuck for the points is given, and then anything can really happen.

I like this panel—they're all good at trash talking each other, but you can tell they all like one another. They're somewhat stable people in spite of their own quirkinesses, which is calming in a way. I was surprised and glad at this week's outcome, though yeah, I think I'm getting a little bit of points-burnout, as much as I love Greg's judging, it's not about the points or the championship ultimately, though, I have to remind myself. It's about the diversity of thought that goes into, "Bite the duck, Alex. Are you biting it?" (God I'd love to see Bob Mortimer on that task. Or Rhod Gilbert or Daisy May Cooper.) And it's about how the panelists sometimes bargain with Greg for these imaginary points. Judi Love is the best bullshitter ever.
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Or, its kinda not about the points, and it's not about the competition, but it is about the panelists' reaction to the idea of competition, and how it affects them and their lateral puzzle-solving brains under pressure. As I said, I like this set of contestants—they're calm but unpredictable. E.g., you can see themselves trying to think calmly, and I feel like this set is really good at that—thinking calmly under pressure. For imaginary points and competition that leads to nothing. At least it isn't for cash and prizes, though I wonder how much of other peoples' stuff any particular episode's winner has actually taken.

I also like to watch the outtakes and see all the conversation that happens between the cuts that make it on air.
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Episode 3 Outtakes
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Oh my GOD, Judy Love. I don't know how they managed to cut that nonsense into what appeared on the show. Editors, I tell you what. (I love her so, so much.)
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Oh man, the long dragged out version of the episode 3 live task was better than what aired - the tension, the light sniping. I mean, it was too long for what's maybe a 10 minute segment on the show, total, but I think that task really needed the time to grow into the absurdity it needed to flourish.
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The sausage cement mixer was exactly what I needed this week.
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The sausage machine was perfection. Bridget’s attempts to walk were just mystifying, but brilliant in a different way.
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The sausage machine made me absolutely hysterical. Chris is such a gem.
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The sausage cement mixer, and in particular Chris's terrified reaction to his own creation made me laugh harder than I have in months.
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Chris's Sausage Mixer and Bridget's walk are instant classics. Everyone on this show has such great energy and each have already had "classic" moments. I'm so glad we're only halfway through the series.
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I dislike Ardal, so that puts a bit of a damper on things for me, but overall this season has had some of the funniest episodes of the series to date. Episode 7 had a ton of incredible moments, but "How am I supposed to kill you with your own shoe?" just laid me out.
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And yeah, I can't tell if Bridget just decided, early on, that she was going to say "fuck it" and go full time chaos agent, but it sort of feels like it.
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Yeah I like how this whole panel likes each other as people, but all of them are competitive in their own ways and they all have it in for each other and really deep down want to win.

And yes, the costume Bridget chose kinda does mark her as the chaos agent. Whereas Sophie, I think, has the psychological game nailed down and is using some next-level Jedi shit to throw others off even if she's not winning. And Chris is just having fun.
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I'm also having a blast watching the extended and outtake reels at the official taskmaster channel.

Oh and the interview tasks, too

No I am not a shill for the BBC. Here's Neil Nunes with today's World News
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They weren’t kidding about the spit warning.
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I'd accidentally spoiled the outcome of this week's show for myself, but that's another the magics of the show—it's not really about who wins or loses, but how everyone got to where they ended up that week.
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I am thrilled about the person who won! I am thrilled both because I enjoy their vibes in general and because I want the show to do better in the specific field of having some winners who do not fit the profile of who has historically won in the past! I fear that this comment is simultaneously too spoilery and too vague, but I did need to record my excitement somewhere.
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Deeply satisfying conclusion to a brilliant season! I'm going to miss this crew a lot.
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Yes, this was a very good season indeed.
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Wow, I hadn't been paying attention to the total score, but I had an inkling the TM was giving out points a little more graciously and liberally this season.

And the panel just had such chemistry. I think the live audience really helped bring everything back up a notch, but also the casgting was amazing. Each person brought something new and different to the table—Ardal with the weak argument for sake of argument; Bridget with the chaotic disregard for the rules or anything approaching straightforward; Chris with the puppy-dog excitement and some wild ideas; Judi with the gift of genius comedic bullshit and could-give-a-fuck-ness; Sophie with a very dark and cutting but somehow humanistic sense of humor and theater. (There were times I felt like she was seriously staring right through Alex. Even more so than Acaster. Even though both were for larfs they were from different angles and brilliant.)

And they all had great timing.

This show has really nailed a formula with legs, and I can't wait for the CoC 2 this week! And then I have to squirm until autumn waiting to hear about Season 14!

And now I can finally look at the Taskmaster Wiki, to see how exactly the winner won! I was surprised and had guessed two others before the winner. It was close but the score updates were fewer and further between, it felt, so I felt more 'in the moment' than keeping track of who was ahead. Not a bad feeling but sometimes I wanted to know and I didn't want to ruin a future episode by peeking on the wiki.

Anyway, seeya next TM-thingie!
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Bonus Outtake Footage
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The complete Season 13 Outtakes reel (one hour's worth)

Champion of Champions 2 was also a fun but all-too-quick time.

And they've announced the Season 14 panel too!
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OH and I finally figured out on the CoC2 who Liza Tarbuck looks like when she wears the goatee...

...James Lipton
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The YT algorithm just gifted me this brilliant fanvid tribute to Taskmaster. Posted in Feb. so doesn't include this season but it's incredibly well edited and made me grin like a loon. (Sorry not sorry for the earworm, tho.)
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