Mystery Science Theater 3000: PRINCE OF SPACE   Rewatch 
April 7, 2022 12:19 AM - Season 8, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! We've come back around again to Prince of Space, constructed out of two episodes of the old Japanese TV show Planet Prince. Our only hope against the birdish-men of planet Krankor, and their dastardly Phantom, is Prince of Space! Who works as a bootblack in a Japanese city! Unlike Underdog, he doesn't need to swallow a Proton Energy Pill, but just put on his costume and exclaim "Your weapons are useless!" It's a fan favorite episode. Previously and again.
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I have one thing to say about this film:

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My mother (competent with tech but generally disliking it) went to the trouble to download and install as a ringtone Krankorr's American dub laugh from this episode, one of only a handful of MST3K episodes she's willingly watched.

It is truly an amazing artifact.
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