Door to Door (2002)
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Sometimes the true heroes in our lives are those people who inspire us not with their superhuman accomplishments but simply by their refusal to give up in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and the dignity in which they go about their lives. Bill Porter is one of those heroes. Born with cerebral palsy, he was told for many years that he was unemployable. But with the unwavering support of a dedicated mother and an indomitable spirit that has become his trademark, Porter did support himself as a door-to-door salesman in Portland, Ore.
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Bill Macy does his usual solid job here, and the supporting cast tends towards the memorable as well. I watched this when it first came out, and there are scenes that I still not only remember, but think about at random moments.

I grew up in a family that used Watkins products, and even tried selling them myself for a very short time, so that connection to the film may help give it a bit of a positive halo as well.

My wife works with people with disabilities, and I recognize many of her clients and their can-do, will-do attitude in the Bill Porter character. This is absolutely worth a watch.
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