Gaslit: King George
May 8, 2022 5:55 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

As John Mitchell and his subordinates struggle to manage the Watergate cover-up, Martha finds herself in a dangerous situation; John Dean puts his relationship on the back-burner.
posted by geoff. (1 comment total)
I think the episode's title should be "I'm just too close to the president," and I don't know what's better, Howard Dean being someone he's not in his Porsssssh or G Gordon Liddy in his James Bond-cum-Goebbels appearances. Even the nobody kidnapper/bodyguard to Martha Mitchell, who the show is ostensibly is about, perpetuates the lie about the stolen watch. I haven't even had a chance to look up the history of The Watch but if it really was from the King of England, I would not be surprised at this point.

Betty "Mother of Dragons" Gilpin needs to just run but given that John Dean and Mo Green are still married in real life I guess yelling at the string to just go is doing no good.
posted by geoff. at 7:34 PM on May 8, 2022

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