Sleepy Hollow: Paradise Lost
January 14, 2015 5:24 AM - Season 2, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Abbie and Ichabod think an angel named Orion may be able to help them; Katrina looks for Abraham's humanity.
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Why is everyone so eager to trust non-human strangers suddenly? I mean, were the black wings not a dead giveaway???

I almost feel bad for Abraham at this point. And apparently the only person with a sex drive in Sleepy Hollow is Hawley.

Omg, Irving, you totally are evil now, bro. Hurry up Monday, I was so mad the show got pre-empted by football this week.
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My first thought on seeing the angel was "Another new white guy? Really, show?". So I was especially happy that Irving reappeared at the end. Surely they'll figure out how to get him his soul back eventually, hopefully his mortality as well?
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This episode felt like an attempt to retool the show, and I'm not impressed. The special effects looked pretty horrible (Supernatural did the intro to angels better), and it seemed like there was a lot more emphasis put on romantic tension, which, eh. Plus, Katrina just had the saving-the-villain storyline. Give her something else to do.
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We're watching it now. Poochy the Angel just showed up and my wife and I burst out laughing at the dumbosity.
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I'm so bummed that this show is losing me. The endless Crane/Katrina back and forth when they have zero chemistry, the bad guys who are easily defeated and don't really have motivations that make sense. I'm only watching for Crane & Abby interactions and Crane Discovering Modernity. And those special effects were really bad.
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The whole angel thing reminded me of a Grimm plotline, and not in a good way.
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I'll be the slight contrarian...well, extremely slight. I finally got around to seeing the episode and I thought it wasn't so bad. I'm intrigued by the Horseman without a master. Will he be able to overcome the nature of his transformation? Will Katrina be able to find the means to undo that transformation? Will she do it, then go run off with him and we can have Ichabod to our selves?

It was telling, and I assume on purpose, that the first person that Crane sought after waking up at the beginning was Abby, not Katrina. I still don't want the pair to hook up, a la Castle, a la Bones, a la almost every male/female pairing.

The irony of our weariness with Katrina is that I don't think the writers can simply write her off (short of killing her), as in end Crane's affections for her, without disrespecting the character they've created in him. He's too good a fellow to simply drop Katrina like a brick, but Crane's weird jealousy has kind of run a vein of weirdness for the same reason. So, well, who knows.

Orion. The show decided that once the great minion from Hell was defeated who wanted to end the world, it was time to introduce a character from Heaven, who also wants to end the world (as we know it). The matter of how well this goes over may depend on how much we would be comfortable with a new Hell/Demon bad guy. I don't mind the introduction of Old Testament bad guy, but I agree that Supernatural introduced their angel(s) in a better style, and definitely, did it first in recent times. I was curious about his black wings, but until it was pointed out, just figured it was kind of a design choice.

I haven't begun any type of slide in disinterest, and I'm excited that Irving is back (not necessarily evil - he was just stuck in more of a "well, maybe you're bad, maybe you're not...?).
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I've decided to jump back into this show because I still have hopes this season will correct itself.

I watched this episode last night and the main thing I love about this show still remains - Ichabod and Abigail interacting and kicking the butt of evildoers. Not so great - Fail!Witch still bugs me, Hawley's affections swinging back and forth between Abbie and Jenny, and the pathetic angel.

Though the negatives list is longer, I can't help but still love watching the Witnesses together.

Happy to see Irving back on the show.
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