The Time Traveler's Wife: Episode 1   Show Only 
May 15, 2022 6:59 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the clearing behind her home, six-year-old Clare Abshire encounters 36-year-old time traveler Henry DeTamble for the first time. Fourteen years later, an unexpected reunion at the library gives Henry the opportunity to meet Clare.

This is an adaptation of the 2003 Audrey Niffenegger novel, previously adapted to film in 2009. But if anyone wants a spoiler-free discussion of the show only, here's a thread.
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This is for some reason one of my favorite novels ever. I think Niffenegger is an excellent writer, but this is one of those books that is also just a born of a good concept. It's a great story... I'm looking forward to seeing what the show does with it.

I wasn't blown away by the first episode (writing seems mediocre; actors did well with what they had to work with). But it set up the narrative just fine, considering what a complicated story it is to tell.
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While I was watching it, I kept on thinking "holy crap, this reminds me a lot of "Doctor Who", specifically the Steven Moffat era" and then I discovered who the scriptwriter was.
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