Mystery Science Theater 3000: OVERDRAWN AT THE MEMORY BANK   Rewatch 
May 19, 2022 12:51 AM - Season 8, Episode 22 - Subscribe

Re-rewatch! A supremely goofy movie that doesn't make much sense, with an excellent actor (Raul Julia), some sub-Doctor Who special effects, and great riffing combine to make a classic episode! It's the last episode of Season 8. Technically Pearl is still chasing the SOL but that's kind of forgotten to make room for one of the best sequences of host segments the show ever did, where Pearl creates a completely spurious public television telethon. And don't forget: get your monkeys, instantly, at Instant Monkeys Online! Previously and again.
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Some day, maybe soon, MST Club will be gone, the theater will be dark and deserted, and no one will watch weird movies there again. That day, however, is not yet here! Please come by Thursday nights starting at 7 PM Eastern time to our weekly shows, at, while you still can! The episode itself starts at 9!
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Mom... my nuts?
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It's a testament to the immense talent of Raul Julia that he manages to be charming as ever in this mediocre schlock of a TV movie reject film.
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