The Big Conn: The Big Conn
May 23, 2022 8:27 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

On apple TV+: Follows the story of Eric C. Conn, a Kentucky attorney who managed to steal over $550 million dollars* from the U.S. government through its Social Security program.

We were unaware of this story until seeing this series, which we binged over the weekend. The IMDB description above is kind of inaccurate because HE personally didn't get $550 million dollars but rather ran a law firm which said it could fast track peoples social security disability applications (by way of corrupt judges and enabled? by SS office bureaucrats) resulting in him getting thousands of cases approved and earning himself a legal fee from the SSA.

The series shows how fundamentally broken the system is and honestly (to us at least) paints the SS administration in a worse light than the titular "Con-Man". When the scheme is finally uncovered the SSA simply cuts off benefits to anyone who had hired him with a years long appeal process to get re-instated, with the reasoning being that some people may of been collecting benefits who weren't eligible for, except they also have no idea what percentage of the applications were fraudulent vs were for people who were disabled.

The story doesn't try and make him out to be a hero or anything, he is very guilty and even admits it later on near the end, but it's not as clear cut a case as the news stories initially make it out to be.
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