Top Gun: Maverick (2022)
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After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy's top aviators, Pete Mitchell is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him.
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Thought this was pretty entertaining but not unmissable. I read some reviews after watching it and was surprised how positive they they were. It went through the plot you expect pretty efficiently but without many surprises.

It seemed a lot less realistic than the first movie, with the Star Wars attack run, Tom Cruise getting shot down but just stealing another fighter plane, and the vague handwaving of why they can't use a more modern aircraft because of "jamming".

Excellent photography and action sequences though, apparently mostly filmed for real, with actors strapped into jets so they can capture their expressions and the G-forces on them.

Did anyone get what BOB is supposed to stand for? They seemed to hint that it's supposed to be an acronym but I missed any explanation they gave.
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Just curious, did they ever address the fact that, thanks to the Cold War ending and differing uses of air power in the engagements the US did have afterwards, dude's one and only combat experience was that weird engagement at the end of the last movie?
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I think they mention that he has shot down 3 enemy aircraft, and from Wikipedia he did that at the end of the first movie, so I guess it's implied that he hasn't actually shot down any other aircraft in combat since then.

He starts the movie working as a test pilot on an experimental aircraft though, it's not exactly clear what he's been doing most of in his long career.
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He starts the movie working as a test pilot on an experimental aircraft though, it's not exactly clear what he's been doing most of in his long career.

Well, at the end of the original film it's indicated that he can have any posting he wants, and he says he wants to go be a Top Gun instructor.
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He says that he was an instructor but that didn't last long.

Just saw this video on the practical effects which was interesting. Here's some aviation questions answered. And here's all the fighter jets in the movie.
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Honestly I loved this movie! Just a totally straightforward action drama – clear emotional stakes, no surprise villains or twist at all. They tell you it’s gonna be a trench run, you see the trench run simulation, they do the trench run mission, and the aftermath is the shitshow everyone predicted – and yet it’s absolutely gripping throughout. What more could you want?

Other great bits: the chaff SFX! The unabashed The Right Stuff ripoff, with requisite Mission Control “engines are go” nonsense! People leaning forward watching screens in amazement! About a hundred “the old man’s still got it” moments!

I swear, Disney are kicking themselves for not making this as their Rogue Squadron movie. Just have a bunch of cocky X-Wing pilots need to take down some new enemy. But here’s the thing: they wouldn’t be able to resist overstuffing the movie with a million action set pieces and have their pilots do a bunch of shooting, whereas in this movie, they’re just pilots! They correctly avoid having Maverick become Ethan Hunt, and simply have them steal a plane and GTFO ASAP. Turns out limitations have their benefits.

I’ll end with this: I haven’t seen a happier group of dads and grandads than I did after the end of this movie. But also a young girl who was like “I want to be a pilot too!”
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I saw this today. Most of the movie was pretty good, but the last 15-20 minutes with stealing the F-14 and Maverick shooting down a new 5th generation enemy fighter with a 40 year old Tomcat was some self congratulatory Tom Cruise wankery. I was rolling my eyes for that whole segment of the movie.
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I loved it! Sure, there's no mystery about where it's going, but that's Hollywood, and this is as perfect a Hollywood movie as you're ever going to see. Action! Nostalgia! Love story that doesn't get in the way! Comic relief! Amazing stunts! Heartstrings pulled!

The crowd was pretty raucous going in, but the movie gripped them hard and everyone went along for the ride.

I had considerable expectations going in, and they were all amply met. No complaints whatsoever. It was all so deftly done. Seriously, this is as good as this kind of movie gets.
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Also: I am not a fan of Tom Cruise at all, but dammit if he didn’t charm me despite my not being open to being charmed.
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your ticket will pay for the whole seat but, for the most part, you'll only use the edge.
loved it!
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This was pretty much exactly what I would have wanted in a TG sequel, if you can manage not to ask "how is that that they can use missiles to blow up the runway but there aren't any missiles that could take out the target?" Really satisfying overall, and Miles Teller was perfectly cast.
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something something GPS jammers!
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Enjoyed this immensely despite having only seen the original with heavy ironic / homoerotic intent circa y2k. Cruise and Kilmer facing each other in their deeply different conditions decades on was surprisingly affecting and will stick in my mind much longer than I'd expected any part of the film would.
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I'm probably not going to drag my butt to the theater, but I heard they gave Val Kilmer a voice for this? How does that come off?
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I mostly loved it. And the theater where I saw it was much less full than I thought it would be this afternoon. I sat in the fifth row, by myself, and nobody was the the four rows in front of me. Behind me, the theater was about a quarter full, I'd say.

SInce there was no more talk about the top-secret aircraft after he destroyed it, I was surprised the movie didn't end with Maverick in a coma, the preceding 2 hours having all been in his head.

And they should have just used Kenny Loggins' "Playing With the Boys" again instead of whatever paint-by-numbers pop song they chose for the beach volleyball football scene.

Did anyone else's showing have an intro by Tom Cruise? I was struck by his unvarnished look in that.
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He says six or seven whispered words and I'm not a die hard fan so maaaybe it sounded like him? Didn't really matter. It's a solemn scene and it's over quickly. I give Tom kudos for giving Val a small role in the film.

I saw it last night with the kid, he wanted to go a second time. It had action and funny and suspenseful parts and it wasn't a freaking Marvel film so that's good enough for me.

What REALLY captured my interest (jinx emelenjr!) was the 30 second intro that played before the film, and it apparently isn't being shown everywhere according to the internets. It was Cruise thanking his crew for the long and hard work of making the film and how excited he was that you were there in a movie theatre to see it.

I took that as a "go fuck yourself" to Netflix, given his known resistance to put TGM out in a streaming service a year ago when the opportunity arose. Given the projection that this movie might gross a billion dollars and we know Cruise takes his paycheck up front, that was certainly worth the wait for him.
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Did anyone get what BOB is supposed to stand for?

Baby on Board.
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The story's basically a remake, but the tone was slightly more serious and dealt with the consequences of Maverick's behavior in the first movie. I thought the movie was really fun, even tough I had to not think about it because the whole thing is predictable. I thought (but did not yell) "P-51 Cadillac of the skies!" when they showed Tom Cruise's personal Mustang.

It would've been nice to see cameos by Kelly McGillis or Meg Ryan, but "we wanted to make sure we were telling a new chapter of Maverick's life." Apparently Jennifer Connelly's character Penny Benjamin is mentioned in the first movie, but I don't recall.

Military Laws Broken: Top Gun (with real JAG). Spoilers: multiple years in the brig, possibly death penalty for disobeying orders during a war, and a $250 file for riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

Tom Cruise Terrifies James [Corden] in 'Top Gun' Fighter Jet! Cruise flies Corden in his Mustang and a fighter jet.
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Penny is supposed to be "the admiral's daughter" Maverick had some fling with offscreen, barely mentioned in movie one.

I presume that since Kelly McGillis has gray hair, gained weight, and is an out lesbian, there was no way in hell she'd get asked back. Then again, I doubt she'd have wanted to either.
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One review I’d read (on the CBC) complained that the new movie was regressive in terms of its portrayal of women, that Kelly McGillis’ character was Maverick’s superior, and there was no equivalent role for women in the new one.

I would argue the opposite, though, that there’s been an advancement. Sure, on its face, there’s no woman in a superior role, but I’d say that in the original, McGillis’ character ultimately served Maverick’s greatness, that the boss ice queen could only melt before Maverick’s charms, and become dependent upon him.

In the new one, the lead woman fighter pilot isn’t as high ranking, sure — but she’s there to do a fucking job, and she does that job as well as any of the men. She doesn’t melt, she’s a professional who gets shit done. I don’t see that as regressive at all.

By shunting off the love story to outside the workplace, and by placing a woman and POCs among the pilots and superiors, the new movie is more representative and respectful than the original.

As this middle-aged white guy sees it, anyway.
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Kelly McGillis’ character was Maverick’s superior

She wasn't his superior, she was a civilian contractor/subject matter expert.
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You're right. I stand corrected. Thank you.
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This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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I thought this was about as good as a Top Gun sequel could be. It's not the second coming of Christ Cruise that some critics have made it out to be but damn good fun. Solid nods to the original and incredible stunt work and effects. Exhilarating fun.
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SInce there was no more talk about the top-secret aircraft after he destroyed it, I was surprised the movie didn't end with Maverick in a coma, the preceding 2 hours having all been in his head.

Tom Cruise’s character dies at the start of Top Gun: Maverick.
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I love the idea that his character dies in the opening crash. It makes perfect sense that the rest of the movie is a self congratulatory hallucination, because that's exactly what it is.
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“With a history of high speed passes over five air control towers and one admiral’s daughter..”
“Penny Benjamin?”

I’m pretty sure that’s the only reference. So, Uh, what’s this about a new phase?

Anyhow I’ve watched the original some three digit number of times. And I’m grateful for a few changes: no obnoxious bathroom scene with the most awful Cruise smile; no consultant who is for some reason a Phd in astrophysics, and pilots with different genders and personalities. Bob and Phoenix were great. Plenty of callbacks to the original (although about ten min in I was wondering if there would be any new music..) Ane enjoyable ride, even though nobody spilled coffee on themselves.
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I thought (but did not yell) "P-51 Cadillac of the skies!" yt when they showed Tom Cruise's personal Mustang.

He's a Navy pilot, should have been a Corsair.
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Re: Val Kilmer’s voice, he is the first beneficiary of AI that relies on past recordings of him speaking as described here.
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no consultant who is for some reason a Phd in astrophysics

The Kelly McGillis character was based on Christine Fox, a civilian Air Superiority trainer at Miramar at the time. She went on to be the highest ranking (yet) female Pentagon official as Barack Obama's Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense.

She consulted on the first film, but was overridden on the decision to wear sexy stockings to work.
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Can anyone tell me where he is in the opening sequence pre-test flight? It looks like he lives in an abandoned Navy hangar with a couch and a coffee table. ??

Many WTF moments for me also; shades of Independence Day when they are able to just walk (run) right up and steal an old enemy plane (albeit one they understand much better) and fly it out, and it's all fueled up and runs great and is not at all damaged etc. Said plane takes some hits and is snagged on-board the carrier and the crowd rushes in amid clouds of fire extinguisher foam; that whole time I expected the plane to explode. "They NEVER would have allowed that!!"
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I assumed Maverick owns/rents his own private hangar where he works on his own personal P-51 fighter in a very manly fashion.

I was ok with the movie up until they stole the vintage F-14 in which Maverick is able to out-fly the modern 5th generation fighters and make it back to the carrier by surfing the gravitational distortion from the massive size of his balls.

It pushed the story over the cliff from unlikely to downright silly. This used to be Iron Eagle's bag vs. the somewhat realistic-ish Top Gun.
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It's a very solid film. Not great or original or ever even slightly surprising but well structured, well shot, directed and edited. It's nice to see a filmmakers who know how to actually make a two hour film that doesn't sag in the middle and earns every payoff in the 3rd act with setups in the first and second. The air conditioning in the theater was also just right and the reclining seat was very comfortable. A++ movie experience.
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Shouldn't Goose's son be called Gosling? Then perhaps also be played by Ryan Gosling? Or would that be too confusing?
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It was the Force Awakens of Top Gun.
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We watched it via Apple TV last night. I was entertained, and that is saying something, considering I predicted every beat in the film 20 minutes in advance.
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I COL (cackled out loud) when I saw the trench run sim.

Also picked up big 'Macross Plus' reference when Mav got news that he was sent to Top Gun.

I do have to admit that I got a little bit of the feels despite reservations when Maverick (turned back into the bar after being 86ed) and saw Goose's son playing on the paino.

Kind of feel that "Fifth Generation" "fighters" is cold war BS that has aged extremely poorly - as shown recently, Russia simply isn't able to support next gen weapons systems. China's J-20 is a hybrid stealth fighter/ bomber - and aerial battles are mostly beyond range of sight combat resolved by who has the better detection equipment and missiles (with detection equipment).

Not bad. Does what it intended to do. Was entertained. I've no hard feelings.

As for 'Bob,' I'm assuming that the "baby" on board is that Bob has a penis comparable in size to a baby's arm (holding an apple). Which may or may not reflect reality. But I figure he's really really really good at killing targets so he gets some respect - as he's not a threat. Kind of a cop out that the woman pilot was partnered with him and stuck up for him before finding out (though she stanned for him after finding out).
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The most unrealistic bit is the crowd of young people in the bar knowing all the lyrics to Great Balls of Fire.
posted by The corpse in the library at 7:44 PM on April 30, 2023

I dunno, I definitely know some 18-22-year-olds who know songs decades older than their age. Sometimes that happens.
posted by jenfullmoon at 7:51 PM on April 30, 2023

Absolutely. But that song?
posted by The corpse in the library at 7:59 PM on April 30, 2023

I mean if you're in the Top Gun program, you're probably a big fan of the first movie so of course you know that song.
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Just got around to watching this... The plane porn was *really* good but more than anything the rest of the movie made me miss Tony Scott. It's too Bruckheimery, too much the vague suggestion of something movie-like. Too much the same sort of incoherent string of too-glurgey moments as Armageddon.

But the plane porn was *REALLY* good, and the movie itself wasn't any worse than I was expecting. Now to finally sit through _Chevalier du Ciel_.

It will be weird when Tom Cruise gets killed not in some huge stunt but just from riding without a helmet.
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