NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast: Into The Woods and Movie Franchises
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This week on Pop Culture Happy Hour, NPR Monkey See's Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon and Bob Mondello discuss Disney's film adaptation of the Broadway musical Into The Woods. Then they'll discuss movie franchises--why do some take off while others never fail to leave the ground? All that, plus What's Making Us Happy.
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I found the discussion about 'Into the Woods' superlative - I'm not familiar with it so hearing people discuss the differences between the stage musical and the film was enlightening.

They even discuss different stage productions! Lots of fun.

I'm not a Stephen Sondheim fan, to put it diplomatically, and they made me feel like I was missing out! Good job PCHH.
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You Episode Home link doesn't work for me. This does. An Australian only problem?
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An Australian only problem?

Nope, it's bad for everyone. We use the podcast feed to determine the episode home and the Pop Culture Happy Hour feed is full of problems.
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I wonder if Linda_Holmes ever looks at these fanfares.
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Hi! Two things.

I didn't know about this until the last couple days, so I have not been lurking, and I doubt I will, because it seems like you guys should talk freely without me standing over your shoulder. But hi!

The feed on the tech side is not my department, but I will let them know it doesn't work for the purpose you're putting it to. We don't get complaints about the feed typically, so I have a feeling it's somewhat specific to the use case here, but I'll definitely let 'em know.
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