The Adventure Zone: Ep. 5. Here There Be Gerblins - Chapter Five
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Merle, Taako and Magnus complete their rescue mission, but then completely fail an entirely new, far more important mission. Taako acquires a powerful artifact, and doesn't seem so stoked about it.
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I've been enjoying this way more than I thought I would, especially as somebody who's never played a pen and paper RPG before. Might be my favorite non-MBMBAM McElroy production, though Sawbones and the dearly departed Losing The Sheen/Satellite Dish are right up there.
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Travis is doing great committing to Magnus's tendency to just run into situations. Loved the section where Merle cast the circle of truth.
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I had to pause the podcast at Gutten-free because I was laughing so hard.

Also, off-topic, but whatever... Griffin's Vine game has been on point lately.
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I'm really enjoying this.
I've been listening to Nerd Poker for a while, but it doesn't quite have the same charm as Adventure Zone (possibly it's just fresher)

I'm looking forward to seeing Taako slowly discover how to make Tacos.
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I really enjoy Justin's decision to make his wizard, a character class for which the primary attribute is intelligence, deeply stupid. It is an irony which, as a new D&D player, he may not fully appreciate, but it was perhaps the funniest part of this episode for me.
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Taako's line from the previous episode, which was thankfully repeated at the beginning of this one, "Abra-ca-fuck-you" makes me laugh absurdly hard. That -- and when they role for something that is not really in the game.
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I love that they do not take D&D seriously. A sense of humor and lightness of tone makes all of this nerdery go down much easier.

The D&D episode of Community was like this too, using the game as something to riff of, rather than obsess over.
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