Only Murders in the Building: Framed
June 30, 2022 8:27 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The trio question their neighbors at a memorial for Bunny as they attempt to get rid of evidence that could further implicate them. A relative of Bunny's shows up and proves to be more of a force than she was.

Charles realizes one of the people in the painting is his father, while Mabel reveals Bunny also said "Savage" to her before she died. At Howard's invitation, the trio attends a memorial for Bunny, planning to plant the painting back in Bunny's house. There, they meet Leonora Folger, Bunny's mother and the owner of the painting. Oliver and Mabel sneak the painting up the elevator into Bunny's apartment, planning to meet Charles outside by the elevator, but Charles accidentally lets the door close, locking them out. In panic, they stash the painting near a dumpster, but later find it missing. Later, Mabel goes back to the art studio where Alice encourages her to smash art to release her emotions and they eventually kiss. Oliver meets with Amy in her apartment and discovers the painting hanging on her wall. Leonora talks to Charles about the painting, causing him to remember a day when his father was arrested as a child. Leonora learns the painting is at Amy's, but upon inspection, declares it is a fake. Bunny's parrot is delivered to Oliver as per Bunny's will, and the bird says she knows who did it.
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I love this show. Casting Shirley MacLaine in this show only makes me love it more. So wonderful to see her on screen again.
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Seriously did not recognize Shirley MacLaine under...all...that.

Wow, they just wrote Oscar off like nothing. Kinda weird. Pretty sure they went for "oh goodie, two hot chicks making out" there. I'm not against it, but it's kind of forward.

Charles's dad certainly got around, as has that painting.
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I liked the way Leonora managed to explain everything about the painting - or at least, what I understand from what she's saying, that she was the painter who was having an affair with Charles' father, but the only way she could get a serious reputation was by pretending to be dead - but when she sees that it went totally over Charles' head, just goes "Oh, well" and moves on.
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Man the creepy architect with his elevator for spying on tenants was a disturbing background detail, huh.

Shirley MacLaine! I think Leonora's visual acuity is not what she claims. She is clearly a sharp cookie, can't wait to see her show up our lovable but bumbling investigators.

I think the Amy Schumer bit is funny in theory, but I'm on the fence about how it fits into the rest of the show.
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I realise they're setting up Leonora to be one of the next victims, but considering it would be amusing (at least to me) that they're going to go into this protracted investigation when there's someone who knows exactly what's going on right there if they could be bothered to ask her and listen to what she says, I hope she makes it through to the finale.
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The creepy architectural peepholes are definitely coming back. At least one of our protagonists has a peephole in their place, and someone is spying on them.
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I thought Shirley MacLaine was was wonderful -- and looking damn good at 88. Amy Schumer...meh. Cara Delevingne clearly has something up her sleeve and I'm here for it. Basically just here for it all -- it's endlessly amusing and a real antidote to the actual world right now. Who'd have guessed that things in the real world would actually be worse by the time the second season came around?
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Seriously did not recognize Shirley MacLaine under...all...that.

Yeah, my spouse and I couldn't figure out who it was either until the credits. We're of an age where she's always been... middle-aged plus? but I don't recall ever seeing her work quite so elderly.
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Amy Schumer has the indelicate task of playing herself. Not even that, but a "wacky" version of herself. Sting could pull it off because everyone knows he's a joke now, so by being in on the joke he can make himself an iota less uncool. But I don't keep up on celebrity news enough to know if Schumer is parodying some actual aspect of her personality or if its more of a generic "craven but dimwitted celeb" thing.
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Speaking of Schumer, her calling it “my Sting’s apartment” absolutely slayed us.
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Can't remember what was in episode 1 versus 2, but:
Ducking into a wardrobe to hide, finding an unexpected portal to explore, and taking the coats with you is extremely Narnia. (Taking the coats with you is also extremely Mabel.)

It's fun to see each of the trio get their own outside thing, each of which will presumably have opportunity to go disastrously wrong, but it'll be particularly interesting to see what the other two make of Oliver unilaterally deciding to hand the show rights over the Amy Schumer.

I'm not too deeply invested in the mystery but it's very nice to be back at the Arconia along with all its emotionally vulnerable goofballs.
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I'm ok with being the outlier here, absolutely loving Amy Schumer sending up herself. Shirley MacLaine was fantastic too - I had a feeling it was her once they started giving her more closeups, but I admit I watched the credits to confirm it.

I'm not sure about Cara Delevingne's character - having Mabel attack the artwork with an axe on film seems pretty exploitable.

I admit I'm biased because I live a couple of blocks away and have friends who live in the building, but I am so in love with this series. I wish I had the patience to scrutinize the credit sequence for clues instead of reading about them after smarter people find them first.
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I feel like Sting's Apartment is like a fae space in this show: slightly magical, where everything is a little beyond reason, where reality is just slightly unreal. It's a liminal space between our world and theirs.
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I feel like Amy Schumer's declaration "I'M JAN" was way too obvious, but... I also thought Jan was too obvious as the murderer last season, so what do I know. Will be interesting to see how that plays out.

I also think Leonora is Rose Cooper but I don't think that's supposed to be obvious to us yet? See above re: me having no idea what's obvious and not, though...
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I’ll admit that I was highly skeptical after the first episode. It felt like it was tossing too many balls in the air, and I was finding it hard to care where any of them would land.

By the end of this episode, however, I had teared up at least twice.
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Anyone else getting metatextual, Lewis Carroll vibes off the fact that the young artist is named Alice and the murder victim is Bunny? They even used a drawing of a white rabbit during one of the credit sequences.
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Oh that's so good, DeWalt_Russ! The white rabbit!

Leonora is totally Rose Cooper. Or eventually it will be clearer that she is Rose Cooper. Or we're supposed to get comfortable in thinking that she's Rose Cooper but it's a red herring? Or that Leonora really is Rose Cooper and we're just supposed to sit back and enjoy the reveal. Nonetheless, I am so delighted to see Shirley MacLaine because I LOVE her (she's my profile pic, y'all!) and she makes every scene look so natural and effortless and honestly I could watch her stabbing gouda for an entire season no complaints.

I am terrified for Mabel for whatever Alice has in mind for that video.

Was Charles's dad taken away covered in blood, or in paint?
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Amy Schumer has the indelicate task of playing herself. Not even that, but a "wacky" version of herself. Sting could pull it off because everyone knows he's a joke now, so by being in on the joke he can make himself an iota less uncool. But I don't keep up on celebrity news enough to know if Schumer is parodying some actual aspect of her personality or if its more of a generic "craven but dimwitted celeb" thing.

Yeah, a celeb playing themselves for comedy has to make that bit sing mostly by contrasting their public image with what's on screen, and that's a tough needle to thread for a comedian, especially one playing themselves as wacky and weird - where are they supposed to go with it? I feel like Schumer is doing about as well as could be hoped for under those circumstances and managed some good moments - "my Sting's apartment" being the biggest winner - but it's just a very tricky idea to execute as actually funny.
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Amy Schumer is definitely playing the version of herself that she plays on Inside Amy Schumer, I.s., vain, selfish, and ridiculous. Gotta admire someone being willing to send themselves up so so,idly.
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