Shameless (US): Summertime   Rewatch 
January 16, 2015 6:07 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Frank loses a $10,000 bet with a man named Baby at the Alibi about whether Baby can withstand getting tasered twice.

When Frank won’t pay, Baby takes Liam as “collateral.” Frank debases himself to come up with some of the money, but the other Gallaghers step in when they finally realize Liam is missing.

Several characters debut in this episode. Stan, the irascible, racially insensitive owner of the bar, complains about an unprecedented $9,000 electric bill, and Kevin secretly knows the reason — all the marijuana he’s been growing in the basement. Ethel is tending to it, and says to V: “Isn’t it wonderful? Kevin is going to help all the old people who are going blind!” V is less excited: “There’s a couple tons of weed down here, and I’m black.”

Karen has started spending a lot of time with another new character, Jody, who she met in Sex Addicts Anonymous. They do things like riding on a motorcycle together and falling asleep in each others’ arms, but they can’t have sex because it would be against the rules of their program. Lip asks if he and Karen can still have sex, and Karen says: “Sure, I guess.”

Fiona has a new boyfriend, Adam, who she met through Jasmine. Adam seems more normal than Steve (who’s out of the picture for now) or Tony (who’s fixing up his new house next to the Gallaghers’).

Kevin and Lip start selling junk food, beer, marijuana, etc., from a trailer. Lip is also in a fight club.

Lip is upset to learn that Ian is interested in getting into West Point (the US Military Academy), but reluctantly agrees to tutor him so he can get the required GPA.

Debbie is running a day care out of the house, and getting by on coffee.
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I just started watching this show and ripped through all 4 seasons in the span of a week. I looooooooooooove Frank. I actually didn't realize he was William H Macy until I was like four episodes in. I kept thinking "Man, I know that guy somewhere, but I don't know where" until finally, BAM! What a solid performance.

I also think that Jody is one of the more interesting characters in the show, which is something, since more or less every character in the show is amazing.
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Best episode so far. (I'm through season 2, episode 4, first time through).

The scene of Kev and Lip selling items in the old ice cream truck is just hilarious.

I find the class differences in the show fascinating: how Frank and the kids are determined to pay back the $, even after they have Liam back in their care; but to pay back the full amount for their reputation and dignity?
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I liked the formal symmetry of having 2 stories about $10,000 (approximately) — a ludicrous amount of money suddenly owed, apparently through bumbling poor judgment. You have to get into the cartoonish spirit of this to enjoy it, but I had trouble not drifting into rational thought.

How could that big grow operation be in Kevin's shabby little residence without stinking and heating up the place? V was surprised to see it? And if Kevin is a big enough fool not to realize it's a problem, how was he smart enough to set the whole thing up? Why didn't the police detect it (by smell alone)? If V was supposed to be so concerned about Kevin getting arrested, why didn't she know that mere possession of marijuana in that amount would be enough to convict him as a dealer? It wouldn't matter that he never sold any of it. Burning it outdoors would clearly have drawn the cops to the scene and led to Kevin's arrest if this were the real world, but we're asked to ignore that and enjoy the big sight gag of a pot bonfire. Are we really supposed to believe Kevin just got carried away by the beauty of the plants? Has Kevin at any other time showed bizarre tendencies like that?

I will keep watching, but I have to push myself to enjoy the things I know are being presented for enjoyment. A lot of suspension of disbelief is required!
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