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OK, actually it's a short story, not a book. It's free on the author's web site. I read it quickly, not sure I wanted it to end where I thought it would, and it end up surprising me. Very much worth your time!

Maybe I have been spending too much time at doctor's offices and getting shots and whatnot, but this story made it through my customary armor -- and really resonated with me.

The style is light, not overly expository (which is a hazard with short stories). The characters are believable, and engaging. I really like it, and want to read more by this author now.

And also, it's by one of MeFi's own.
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Oof, that hit hard -- and it surprised me, too. Also surprising (and delightful) was how much world and history it packed into such a short story. Thanks for the recommendation -- here's a direct link to the short story for anyone who needs it: Deprecated.
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I read this a few hours ago and loved it and my feelings about it are all over the place, to the point where I’m having lots of difficulty trying to articulate them while not revealing too much of the story (or of my own emotional crap). Looking forward to reading more by Zumbador.
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So much packed into a small package. I'll be thinking about this story for awhile.
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Oof. Brutal. It’s probably a function of my age, but this really hits me as an allegory for growing old in our society.
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Oh gosh. That hit me hard.
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