Westworld: Fidelity
August 1, 2022 4:57 AM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

To thine own selves be true.
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no idea where they're going but I'm intrigued

loved Caleb getting in the last verbal dagger with Charlores

the emptiness of achieving absolute control while destroying everything as continuing commentary on the uberwealthy?
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The many Calebs were pretty horrifying, but I thought their conversation on the roof was pretty good. For a minute there, I thought he had found his way out through countless iterations, each leaving a clue for the next. I imagine he was supposed to think the same thing until, lol, no it turns out even that was a set-up. Even so, Halores isn't nearly as together as she thinks she is. His parting shot seems to have hit her hard.

I wish Bernard would get on with whatever his Big Plan is, or at least share some of it with Stubbs. I guess they'll keep setting it up in the next episode, and execute it in the final one. No news yet on a fifth season, for whatever that's worth.
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I'm not happy that they've reduced the seasons from 10 to 8 episodes each and I felt like the third season really suffered for it. I'm worried that two more episodes won't be enough to resolved all of the plot points in the air right now.
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Really nice bit of proper sci-fi storytelling this ep!
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I really, really like where this season has ended up so far. I definitely agree with octothorpe that two more episodes doesn't seem like nearly enough time to wrap things up, though.

Also it may be unlikely that it's a direct reference, but I appreciated how Caleb's trek basically turned into Triangle. I love that movie, so I wasn't even mad about what looked a lot like a direct lift, heh.
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It was a real Stanley Parable thing. I hesitate to mention the movie you did tomorrowromance because even saying that is kind of ruining the movie. Maybe have a mod spoiler it or something, it’s a fantastic movie.
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With Caleb, I saw shades of a Doctor Who story, but it didn’t seem likely that all the stains, bodies, and progress would have been allowed to accumulate without the fix being in. I liked the way it resolved in spite of that.
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Last week, Hale said not to even talk to outliers, because they infect hosts with irrationality.
This week, she calls Caleb an outlier. In conversation. As she's talking to him. And also, she has a zoo of him.
Well, it's a good thing that Hale isn't in control of anything important, right?
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I think it was the grate marking that made me think "escape room."
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tessa thompson is doing yeoman's work with a villain whose motivations are being kept annoyingly obtuse, in classic westworld fashion. lots of cute bits in that whole side-plot; it doesn't go anywhere but that's sort of its whole point, which is about as interesting as this show gets thematically anymore

the A-plot annoyed me because it was so obviously going to end at "maeve wakes up, story continues" and nothing was really revealed or progressed interestingly in the interim. the flashback with the "I'm not your brother" was about the clumsiest Chekhov's gun that ever has been hung on a wall

do you think bernard will get a single line of dialogue at any point this season that isn't reiterating the entirety of his personality this season, which is "I did a quantum immortality thing"
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do you think bernard will get a single line of dialogue at any point this season that isn't reiterating the entirety of his personality this season

85% of the time, he does not.
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Is there anything out there summarizing what the hell is going on in Westworld? I tried Wikipedia but the summaries are lacking. I thought I watched the first season but I don't remember the whole host/not a host thing. I tried picking up Westworld this season and was obviously completely lost.
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Is there anything out there summarizing what the hell is going on in Westworld?

This video caught me up on Season 3, about which I remembered almost nothing. (Largely because all the time jumps and big twists made the season really hard to follow.) It does an actual chronological recap, which also made me realize that S3 didn't have to be half as twisty as it was to tell a good story.
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Yeah like with Memento having someone do a really crappy re-edit in chronological order would be interesting but probably boring and unwatchable.
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Someone has! And it is neither boring or unwatchable, it completely changes how your sympathies fall - instead of Leonard being this object of pity you find it easier to relate to the people around him having to put up with this annoying guy constantly repeating himself, doing vaguely irrational things and being a naively blank slate in a cynical world.

Also I'm only watching Westworld these days because it is pretty, I haven't understood the plot since season 2.
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no idea where they're going but I'm intrigued

Pretty sure we're going to see the next CalebBot be an infiltraitor (sic). Probably "rescued" at great cost only to betray everything and setup the end-of-season cliffhanger.

Also didn't get to see the MIB this episode, so he's probably gonna be around again soon
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IBC containers! So far I've spotted them in this and Strange New Worlds, and I have a feeling that they've featured in many other shows - probably going back as far as when IBCs first came into common use.
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I really liked the Caleb plot, here. A slightly different take on someone going through multiple iterations, but good thing they don't clean up very often, I guess.
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