The Lincoln Lawyer: season 1
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An iconoclastic idealist runs his law practice out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car in this series based on Michael Connelly's bestselling novels.

For ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Climbs in the Front Seat [NYT] For his first TV lead, the actor plays Mickey Haller, who lawyers from the back seat of his car. It’s a tricky job when your native language isn’t English.
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This series isn’t doing anything groundbreaking but I enjoyed it overall. I think the main actor is doing a good job, and it’s always nice to see Neve Campbell outside of the Scream franchise! The biggest downfall for me is I think the guy who plays Cisco doesn’t look anything like I’d pictured him when reading the books, which wouldn’t be a big deal except that his performance feels super flat as well.
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Series worked just fine for me - it had been a long time since I read the books so I didn’t really have mental pictures of anyone, just vague details about who they were. Thought they did a good job updating the plot of the novel this season was drawn from to 2022.

Nothing groundbreaking but a solid cast and a good story - sometimes that’s all you want.
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I'm a couple of episodes in and it hasn't really grabbed me so far.

Mainly I think the lead doesn't sell the "always on the make" energy that Haller has in the books.
I just don't buy him as a slick fast talker, but maybe once they hit the courtroom it'll come across better.

I agree about Cisco, surely finding a big biker type wouldn't be that hard.
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I've been watching this series over the last few weeks, with just one episode left to go. My mom and I were watching The Good Wife before, so I thought this might be another legal show she'd enjoy. But we haven't really cared for The Lincoln Lawyer very much -- the characters seem flimsy and the investigation plot's confusing, even with the gimmick of Mickey explaining things to his driver. My favorite element is the depiction of Los Angeles, with lots of scenes set in downtown spots you don't see in other LA-based shows, and the video trick they're using that makes everything look like a dollhouse. Based on these comments, it sounds like you really have to have read the books to fill in the details. The funny thing is, we saw the movie of the same name a few years ago and it was pretty good.
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I watched this and thought it was fine, if forgettable.

My main takeaway was that someone needs to nuke Lorna's wardrobe from space. I get the gist that she's supposed to not be a straight-laced, black suit lawyer like all the straight-laced, black suit lawyers in the movie. But you can put a girl in a pattern without making her look like she must secretly be colour-blind. The really funny part of it is that those are very expensive ugly clothes. In one episode she wears a Fendi logo sweater, which is what tripped me to the fact that those are all actually designer duds. I read an interview with the costume designer that suggested these are supposed to be a lifetime worth of treasures she has collected (maybe from thrift stores?) and that she dressed for her mood of the day, but I still feel like a woman who has a lifetime of expensive fashionable treasures would have some sense of how to pair them together.

I was also fair to middling disappointed that he doesn't, you know, actually run his practice out of his Lincoln. He does work in the car sometimes, but Lorna is off in an office somewhere actually running his practice.
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