Reservation Dogs: The Curse
August 10, 2022 8:52 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

As the town recovers from the tornado aftermath, Willie Jack tries to reverse a curse.
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Thanks neustile! It wasn't on my radar, thanks for posting! What a pleasant surprise.

I was a little concerned before the season which (possible?!) direction they could go - that was all entirely unfounded.

The Spirit (Dallas Goldtooth) arcs are goofy fun and an interesting contrast to the "Medicine Man" Fortune Teller Display (who wasn't... wrong).

Not sure how it's going to play out, but I really liked Bucky (Wes Studi) using psychology (of which curses are) and sociology to heal the rifts that lead to curses being thrown around in the first place. So in a ultra straightforward way, he really is helping with breaking a "curse."

Also don't know if the hitchhiking arc will come up again or not, but I kind of like the ambiguity of whether the driver really was a creep or not.

Though the hillybillly place. Yeah, that's believable. I was a POC exploring rural Iowa (sometimes alone) (by car) and sometimes getting lost, in the late 90s and, yeah.

Good Great stuff.
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I totally think the driver was a creep. When a hitchhiker tells you to stop the car and let them out, do it.

I'm curious to learn more about what's up with Bear. He's not doing great, and Willie Jack and Cheese can't help him.
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The driver takes a detour down a side road for no reason and won't stop when asked? That dude had terrible shit on his mind and got a fraction of what they'd have been justified doing to him.
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