Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE SCREAMING SKULL   Rewatch 
August 10, 2022 8:15 PM - Season 9, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Rewatch! A guy gaslights his new wife into believing the spirit of his previous wife is haunting her, as part of a scheme to drive her crazy and take her money. Oh joy. There's a great short though, the Gumby cartoon Robot Rumpus! Previously.
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We're still showing MST on Thursday nights for the time being, at 9 PM Eastern time, at Our show begins two hours before that though, showing other stuff. Come by if you want, for any or all of it.

We're starting to think about what happens when this pass through the show ends. I am unwilling to host a third trip through the entire run of Mystery Science Theater 3000, seeing as how I didn't even intend to start this one, it just sort of happened that way. We are open to suggestions as to what to do next. One possibility that came up is pulling back and just doing them monthly, and just picking particular episodes we want to show instead of going through all of them.
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The host segment where Servo tries to get his free coffin is one of the longest sustained laughs I regularly have from a TV show.
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How does dis chair work?
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Oh wait that was The Thing That Wouldn't Die
I'm always getting my disembodied head movies mixed up
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