Never Have I Ever: Third Season
August 12, 2022 5:58 PM - Season 3, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Now that she just has one boyfriend, Devi's life is going great. Right?

Ten episodes, streaming on Netflix in the US.
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I enjoy this show a lot. Curious to see how they wrap it all up in the 4th season (which I hear has already been filmed). Darren Barnet is too old to be playing a teenager amongst actors 10+ years his junior.
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I was wondering if this is going to be more painful watching the nearly 30-year-old as a teenager--it sounds like I might be in major cringe territory. But I also want to watch it--I love the show, despite how absolutely bananas Devi makes me sometimes. I don't like binge watching anyway, but it's a show I find I have to parcel out slowly lest I start yelling at the TV.
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I finished last night - it's cute! There's some really fun acting (Devi, Mom, Ben, omg Trent) and the rest, eh, I can survive it. It was fun seeing Terry Hu pop up - wish we had gotten more of them but perhaps it conflicted with their Zombies 3 schedule.
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Also, is there such a thing as a boarding school that takes students for one year their senior year of high school? I have never heard of such a thing, it seems like a bad idea (since kids need to coordinate with their families on college) and it was a really lazy storyline.
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I just finished it! The first few episodes felt a bit stressful and boring but then everything flowed and it was glorious and a wonderful continuation of a wonderful show! I can’t wait for season 4.
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I liked this season. Devi has grown up a bit, so although she still makes some questionable choices, it is less stressful overall. :)

I thought the season got more enjoyable after Devi and Paxton broke up. Enjoyed the new love interest, but was sadder about Nalini's friendship breakup with Rhyah than Devi's breakup with Des. I liked that Devi choose to stay at Sherman Oaks mainly to spend more time with her mom. I also always want the show to spend more time with Devi, Nalini, Kamala and Nirmala.

The free Shen Yun tickets as a bribe to get Nalini and Rhyah out of the way for an evening was hilarious. I forget Kamala's exact line summarizing the show, something about the dancers cartwheeling on the grave of Karl Marx, but it made me guffaw.

I haven't rewatched the first two seasons, so I might be misremembering, but it seemed like this season gave Devi's friends more plot of their own, separate from Devi drama, which was also nice.

I'm glad season four has already filmed so I don't have to worry about Netflix pulling the rug out from under us. I want to see how senior year goes.
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Can they give Ben a spinoff for his first year of college? I really like that character.
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I've been through all the Metafilter comments on all three seasons and is nobody going to talk about how Shira's name is pronounced by the entire cast?
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Also, a boarding school that they sign students up for without telling them? So weird.

I did think it was pretty hilarious that Devi was so certain she couldn’t possibly get laid at the commune of super smart kids in the mountains. There is a LOT of sex happening at that school.

Overall a very satisfying season!
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