Roderick on the Line: Ep. 139: "Building a Lung"
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The Problem: John thought of himself as welcome everywhere.

Today brings us a 90 minute podcast. John has some handsome packets, with no loss; parachute packers; John tells the story of skydiving in college with an ex-girlfriend (pic is related); John and Merlin discuss how awkward it is to meet an ex.

John talks about experimenting with identity in college, how he was looking for a path, a path like a lung, building "a lung of of experience". Make sure you're building the organ you need.

John asks Merlin if he considers himself part of the tech community; discussion on other types of communities; music communities; John feels kinship, but not membership (though John felt himself welcome everywhere); Theater Sports in the 80s; "Asking about the most uncomfortable thing in the world"; John talks about his time in GUTS (Gonzaga University Theater Sports; on facebook).

We segue into high school cliques and the College-level culture clash; John is Rowdy Queer (so is Nick Offerman); John and the Montana Boys (with Richard Hugo reference!); we make a 1-bit decision about people, and if one moves out of that box they quickly become "weird"; Merlin admires people that reject labels, John likes flipping labels; John is looking for a new community, wants to be a genius but often is challenged with "What else ya got?"; Merlin offers the Seduction Community; John wants to be part of "the community of John's expectations";
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It seems unfair to go skydiving with someone you're dating only to end the day broken up. Like that's a HUGE risk you're taking for someone you're just dating and it's weird to break up after. Maybe it was the flush of endorphins and adrenaline in both of them that raised emotions and got them to fight or something.

The second half of the show all about finding your place and your tribe or your clique was interesting too. I know John's always wondering where he lies since he left the indie rock world and he does occupy some weird zone between podcasters, comedians, and people that build websites these days but he's not any one of those directly so I understand his confusion about what to call himself or who to identify with.

John spent a couple weeks in Africa recently, I'm kind of surprised the show has continued to release episodes regularly, and can't wait to hear stories of his adventure there.
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I wonder what their backlog is as well. I hope we get to hear about the Africa trip soon. John was at wootstock this week and I'd like to hear his thoughts on that.

I guess John and Dan Benjamin did a 4 hour podcast recently, but I don't know if I can handle listening to that.

And now I sound like a John Roderick stalker.
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Merlin and John take a bow.
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"He basically took a sweet shit on the floor and it took the party to another level"
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