American Horror Stories: Facelift
September 2, 2022 9:44 AM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

A woman concerned about her age risks everything on a life-changing surgical procedure.
posted by kittens for breakfast (1 comment total)
A rock solid cast, but a pretty middling story. Maybe Mad Science would have been too obvious a route to take, but the vague paganism in play here doesn't gel into anything that resonates with reality or makes very much sense (they're druids or something, who...perform surgeries to...bring back a time when...they ruled the world? the fuck?). And frankly, the opportunity to just go apeshit with the gore and appliances is completely overlooked. (Whoever storyboarded the titles for this episode saw the potential, though!)
posted by kittens for breakfast at 9:54 AM on September 2, 2022

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