Bad Sisters: Explode a Man
September 9, 2022 12:57 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The Claffin brothers begin their investigation into JP’s death; in flashbacks, we learn why Ursula hates JP so much.

In the present: The Claffin brothers begin their investigation into JP’s death, while Becka, unaware of Matt’s identity as one of the Insurance Bros (and he, unaware of her identity as one of the Garvey sisters), continues to flirt with him. Grace gets flustered and lies about where she was on the night JP died, saying she was with her other sisters. In the past: flashbacks show JP’s discovery Ursula’s affair with her photography teacher and we see more examples of his abuse and control of Grace and Blanaid. Unable to tolerate watching JP abuse her sister any more, Bibi brings a shocking proposal to Eva, who reluctantly agrees that their sister Grace needs their help. They begin to plot a fatal accident, but their plan goes awry at the last minute, and in the end they are not actually able to “explode a man.” So now we know one way that JP didn’t wind up in that coffin.
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