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September 12, 2022 6:24 AM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Roy's our boy, broh.

While Rick tries to rally an entire planet of video-game Mortys to save themselves (it's not a religion), Summer has to die hard against the most die hard that ever died hard, who is Peter Dinklage, of course.
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"I'm seventeen. No, I've never seen fucking Die Hard."
"Well, neither did the guy in Die Hard, so you're nailin' it."
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I wonder if they'll keep compliant Morty; if so, that ending is extra creepy.
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I'm over forty years older than Summer, and I still haven't seen all of Die Hard (I caught the end of it when I was staying in a motel last Christmas), but I've known the basic plot and premise and the Catch Phrase for ages. (It helps that I caught the sequel when it came out, and the sequel is obviously Die Hard at an airport.) The premise shows up several times in TNG-era Star Trek; the showrunners of Voyager and Enterprise were especially fond of it. There was even this thing announced a few years back, although that's the only reference that I found to it, so it was either temporary or never launched.

Anyway, my guess is that Blipz 'n' Chitz launches their own Die Hard experience, in part to replace revenue lost from Roy, the code for which has become inexplicably and irreparably corrupted by some persistent bug.
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I have been waiting for Rick and Morty to do a Die Hard episode for so long that it transferred over from waiting for Community to do a Die Hard episode. There was really no way this could have lived up to my expectations but I thought it was pretty good, although the fact that they finally went to this particular well makes me worry this is the last season we'll get of Rick and Morty. I loved that Summer hadn't seen Die Hard but read the villain's scholarly work on the genre partway through doing a Die Hard.

Rick and Morty has been on for so long that they could have got Alan Rickman to do their Die Hard villain voice if they'd made their Die Hard episode in the first two seasons.

Literally every single time I've tried to type Die Hard in this comment, autocorrect has changed it to something else.
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I liked how she read his book rather than actually watched the movie. Although it would have been more accurate if she had watched a cinemasins or equivalent youtube video.
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Community didn’t do a Die Hard episode exactly, but it did reference it pretty hard at the end of the first Paintball episode, when Jeff confronts the Dean at the end. Harmon and co. signed on to do something like 70 more episodes of Rick and Morty, like last year, I think. So I wouldn’t worry about it going away anytime soon.
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I'm ambivalent about this show but I really respected the writing in this show. Mostly for the A plot, the 5 billion Morties and Rick trying to convince enough of them to leave with him. It just seemed really inventive and interesting, surfing off sci-fi tropes without just lazily repeating them. I enjoyed the Die Hard B plot too, particularly the Hans Gruber alien. Just good writing and animation all around.
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wabbittwax: Community also referenced it a lot in the Season 4 Christmas episode.
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The constant repetition of "Die Hard" reminded me (in a good way) of the first uncensored South Park with the counter for every time they said "shit."
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