The Good Fight: The End of the Yips
September 16, 2022 9:51 AM - Season 6, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Does Marisa's dad really want to help her? Would Liz's dad really be proud of her? Is China better than Israel? Is Diane ascending to a higher plane of existence? And there are riots downstairs.
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After the pilot set up Diane's existential dilemma and introduced Ri'Chard, this one was probably going to be move the longer plot arcs into position, and it looks like we're going to get a Marisa-Eli fight (shades of Maia's arc in the first half of the show as Marisa tries to establish herself as a lawyer independently from her family), some of Liz's old prosecutions coming back to bite her (the Kings will never drop the overtly political aspects of the show), Diane trying to stay out of the power struggle (but probably failing), and Carmen's willingness to take on unsavory clients.
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“And I hear Peter Florick is back in jail. Another reshuffling?”
“Yeah, I don’t think he’s gonna come back from this one”

Good one.
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"And Alicia?"
"Oh, she's still in the law. She started her own firm in New York. It's doing well. You're not in touch with her?"
"No, no, that didn't end well."
"You sound sad."
(sighs) "I do, don't I?"

Mm hm.
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Oh no, don't you dare go there. There will be no Julianna Margulies crossover in this series (and I liked her more than most). I even checked IMDb to see what she's doing currently and at least she's not currently playing a lawyer on another platform. I love all the former TGW judges, opposing counsels, defendants making guest appearances on TGF but please no JM. Unless they're sitting side-by-side in a bar and obviously filmed separately.

oh god, that's it
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I have absolutely no doubt that the Kings would laugh off any attempt by Margulies (or her agents) (or the network) to bring her back. Or, if they were somehow forced to do it, to lampshade it so hard that Margulies would stomp off the set. Or else do just that, with the cheesiest possible "special effects" making it obvious.
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Well Margulies didn’t write that wistful little line and presumably the Kings have some involvement with the script. Diane’s last line could’ve been, I was sad but I got over it, and shut down any idea of a reunion. I always wonder though…Margulies was credited as a producer on TGW (and there certainly were a lot of rumors about her dislike of Archie Panjabi) but at the end, Baranski’s character slaps the hell out of Margulies’ character. I know “producer” credit is usually a contract negotiation to get more money but as lead actress and producer, you’d think JM could’ve, would’ve refused to do that scene but it was important for her character arc…and it satisfied a lot of fans who disliked her character. I just always found it interesting.
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I think Diane’s sadness was for the whole (meta-)situation rather than just for losing touch with Alicia. The Kings famously said toward the end of TGW something to the effect of “The first season, the star is working for you. The second season, you’re working together. The third season and on, you’re working for the star.” They were definitely not saying that happily.
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I LOVED the opening scene with Eli cursing up a storm in the elevator. Of course he has a sailor’s foul mouth, and I love the nod to not having heard him curse on TGW. Alan Cummings seemed to be loving it too!
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