The Imperfects: Full Season
September 21, 2022 6:04 AM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

After an experimental gene therapy turns them into monsters, three twenty-somethings band together to hunt down the scientist responsible and force him to make them human again.

A Netflix original series.
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This is so much fun. It's sort of Being Human's three supernatural people thrown together (in this case, a banshee, a chupacabra, and a succubus) dramedy mixed with The Umbrella Academy's heroes who forget what they're doing sometimes vibe, with Orphan Black's Canadian sci-fi but with better writing for the characters.

Rhys Nicholson, a comedian who was one of the judges on Run Paul's Drag Race Down Under is the mad scientist and is a freaking treat, an amoral but oddly lovable eccentric who surprises on a regular basis.

The other leads are all distinct personalities, each given room to pull their characters in different directions, and with their own laughs and serious moments.

This is still very much on the Writers You've Never Heard of Make a Sci-fi Show in Canada spectrum, but it's way at the top end, at least so far.
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My kid said he was shocked this wasn't based on a comic book, because the characters and world feel big like they're from an adaptation.
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Great review DirtyOldTown, thank you!!
posted by zeek321 at 3:39 PM on September 21, 2022

You might want to check out the Misfits. This show reminds me a that more than Being Human.
posted by miss-lapin at 4:05 PM on September 21, 2022

Huge fan of Misfits. This feels way more dramedy than that to me though.
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If there were director's cuts of these episodes with like 10-15 more Rhys Nicholson quips, I would watch those in a heartbeat.

"How are you?"
"I mean, I'm a little upset."
"I meant physically. I don't uh, care... uh, 'emotionally.'"
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This was really fun. I remember watching the first episode where we meet Sarkov, and I just knew there would be fun scenes where he's snarky and a bit of a dick and teamed up with the main characters, and it was nice to get that payoff. Didn't know he was on drag race down under though.

Also Tilda, Darcy, and Abbi's outfits were amazing. Epecially Tilda's. And the music was so perfect and well done and just cued really well.
(full track listing by episode / partial playlist)
posted by Chrysopoeia at 3:41 PM on September 23, 2022

I enjoyed this, mostly. Not sure how I feel about the ending though - a lot of setup for a second season which, given Netflix's track record on renewals lately seems unlikely to happen.
posted by oh yeah! at 2:40 AM on September 24, 2022

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