Agatha Christie's Poirot: Three Act Tragedy
September 28, 2022 9:42 AM - Season 12, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Poirot is attending his friend Sir Charles Cartwright's dinner party when one of the guests chokes to death on a cocktail, this leads Poirot to promptly investigate this natural-looking, yet strange death.
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I actually had read this book before seeing the episode, which is rather rare for me. I remember thinking just how sad the whole thing was. Not just that he tries to Mr. Rochester the whole thing, but that Egg's situation means she might have to marry someone so much older than her, and the casual trial attempts Cartwright takes to carry out his plot. It's tough because there are funny parts, and the actual butler plot is clever. It also continues to highlight just how prevalent pretty serious chemicals were and how casual people were about them. It's definitely something I don't think a lot about, but just having nicotine around, undiluted or I guess modified so it's clearly not consumable. I figure today it'd be green and sludgy so as to not be easily consumed.
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