The Good Fight: The End of Eli Gold
September 29, 2022 11:36 AM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Eli's trial is underway with Marissa Gold as part of the legal team. The protests are still going.
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That was an absolute treat, to have Eli back on screen with Marissa.
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Genuine delight at Christine Baranski's petulant refusal when offered cucumber water. I don't want to watch the Gilded Age, so I'm really going to miss her.
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I read something about Christine Baranski being game for supporting role in a series featuring the younger lawyers, like Marissa and Carmen. I'd watch that. I like the Kings' tone, and I enjoy Evil, but I too will miss Diane Lockhart immensely.

Frank's assassination worked for me in a way that most violence on tv doesn't. It felt useful to the plot and characters, well to Eli and Marissa anyway. I'm really tired of what seems like violence and gore for fun which is what this would be in a lot of other shows.

I am totally here for Bettanhart? Lockcourt? Kurt is fine but the Baranski/Slattery chemistry is super fun and I am tired of the "how do heteropolitical marriages work?" exploration. They can ride off into the hallucenogenic sunset together.
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Eli and Marissa are such great characters, alone and together. This episode was really emotional.
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