Reservation Dogs: I Still Believe (Season finale)
October 1, 2022 12:43 PM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The Rez Dogs go on a journey for Daniel.

It has been renewed for Season 3
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I was certain this was a series finale. What good news!
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This could have been a series finale, but I'm so glad it didn't need to be. The moment of them in the ocean with Daniel was so cathartic. I don't know where the series goes from here, but I love watching it.
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Probably still the best show on TV (I go back and forth between this and Atlanta). Nothing else is really like it. I can't believe that one of the cheesiest songs of the 80's got me to tear up like that. And over that goregeous map of Indian Country. I rewatched the episode again with my wife, and even knowing it was coming, I still got choked up. So glad it's renewed - even if it runs for 100 seasons it won't be enough.
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Easter Egg: when the girls are trying to find out the code to open the electronic gate the first suggestion is to try "1491". The 1491s are the Native American comedy troupe that launched Sterlin Harjo, Dallas Goldtooth, and much of the writers room of the series.
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Aww, the actor who plays Cheese did such a good job with that prayer. (Lane Factor)

Glad to hear there's another season in the works!
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I'm really glad that there's another season in the works, but this season had such a wonderful ending that I think I would have been satisfied if these two, perfect, heartbreaking and hilarious and delightful seasons were all we'd gotten.

But ending the season with Saxaphone Man was just *chef's kiss*. I'm excited to see what the kids will be up to next season.
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Imma a city Indian. I was detribalized until my late 20s.

I can't tell you what this episode means to me. Willie Jack and Alora Danan are both me.

To think that my aunties are all right behind me... right there.
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They got to say goodbye to Daniel. That was so wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.
Wonder if Bear's really going to stay in California?
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I liked the writers giving Cheese a moment to be angry--he's such a genuinely sweet kid, but he's also human.

The part with group hug, with the cuts between the four of them, and the four of them + Daniel's spirit, was so, so beautiful.

I'm so grateful that I read this metafilter FPP about Sax Guy two years ago, because I had a moment of "oh yeah, that guy!" when Cheese started talking about him, and had a moment of pure delight at the ending.

This was a lovely end to the season and I am so happy that there will be a Season 3. This show deserves all the accolades it receives and more.
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