The Midnight Club: Full Season
October 8, 2022 3:40 PM - Season 1 (Full Season) - Subscribe

Ilonka is drawn to Brightcliffe Hospice, a place of many circles, where a secret club meets at midnight. Created by Leah Fong and Mike Flanagan (Midnight Mass, Haunting of Hill House).
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YAY I tried to post this last night and I couldn't. I have so many thoughts about it, but I'm curious to hear from people familiar with the source material.
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I don't know the source material and I'm only a few episodes in.

This show seems to be on the lighter side, by which I mean: it quite often enjoys being spooky and mysterious without being scary, and it doesn't quite seem to have the maliciousness of other Flanagan shows. So far at least! There is some dread about what it might do eventually, but so far this is more of a chill hangout spooky show with some normal drama-sadness, not an exercise in knife twisting, mindfucking, and impending disaster.
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Hands up everyone who screamed "It's the Dewey Decimal system!" at the screen more than once.
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Well, I absolutely loved it. The way Flanagan & the cast got to use the format to just completely fuck around with genre/tropes in the universe of 90s teen pulp horror that was my *life* back then. The belly laugh at a hilarious line, the same moment I'm curled up in a ball sobbing.

There's just something so cathartic about his work for me. Like, watching it allows my brain to really feel things it's been needing to feel & work through and struggle with for so long. There's so much about how I've experienced grief that came out for me watching this.
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Ruth Codd (Anya) is a really terrific actor, which is doubly impressive since she'd never done any acting before this and was discovered as a TikTok personality.

She actually is an amputee, by the way.
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Ruth Codd (Anya) is a really terrific actor, which is doubly impressive since she'd never done any acting before this and was discovered as a TikTok personality.

Yeah, wow! I'm only halfway through the series, but I was blown away by her from the first moment she's on screen. It helps that she's given a lot to work with, but she really knocks it out of the park.

I'm looking forward to finishing it, but every episode so far has had at least a couple of moments that squicked me out, and not necessarily in a good way. The gore (what little there is, so far) feels really visceral to me and is frequently preceded by like ... a beat too much anticipation for my taste. I think the young cast has something to do with it, too.
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I was expecting it to be a limited series but uh apparently it's not.
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As someone who lived and breathed Christopher Pike in the late 80's/early 90's, this is my jam. This seems like an excellent spooky season show for me, and a trip down teen horror memory lane.
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This is much more teen/YA than anything else Flanagan has done, so you have to calibrate for that.

But it's done well. We dug it.
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Feeling much more generous toward the weird ending that didn't wrap up a lot of stuff now that I know it's meant to be an ongoing series!
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