Grey's Anatomy: Season 19
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Ellen Pompeo is a primary producer at this point and all accounts are that she is a progressive, inclusive boss who creates a positive environment people are happy to work within. So really, whether this is any good or not is incidental, if you view things through that lens.
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This season has been miles better than the last few, this new season feels like old Greys! Vulture did a great catch up post for wherever you left off, and an archive link.

The new interns are a group I actually care about, I wanted more of them in this week’s episode although everything else in the episode was worth spending time on.
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New interns in the intern house last week was beautiful.
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So cute! And Krista Vernoff has left as showrunner so it will be interesting to see how that changes things.
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That is very interesting to me. With that news and Meredith's move, I'm actually kind of excited to see where the story goes in the near future.
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Me too! There’s a thread on MeFi if you didn’t see it.
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Yeah, I saw it, that's what reminded me to come back to Fanfare.

Didn't realize Meredith would still be doing the monologues for the episodes. I wish those would go away; they're so distracting to me when there is important stuff happening between or behind her lines.
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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Renewed for Season 20, Names New Showrunner [THR]
‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Kim Raver on Directing That [Episode 11] Conflict Cliffhanger [THR]
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I forgot we had a current season thread!

Meredith shaking things up with Alzheimer's research is interesting, but I don't know how that goes with her being off the show. I'm happy for happiness for Nick, but would have liked to see him have success on his own like Winston.

Not a fan of Webber having a falling off the wagon story again.
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I really hope he left that drink and followed Amelia to a meeting!

Finale thoughts:
- weird for Meredith to get a big storyline when she won’t be in next season very much?
- I hope Teddy will be ok
- so glad Bailey won the Catherine Fox Award, and in the Station 19 episode beforehand Ben got an award too!
- very happy Simone didn’t get married and chose Lucas
- Jo and Link was dragged out but still endgame!
- Mika and Helm!!!!!! (Mika called her Taryn 😍)
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I hope Simone takes it kinda slow with Lucas, and the robin running into the window was a bit much, but I did like that she chose to not get married.

I said to my husband that if they tried to drag the Jo/Link thing out past this season I wanted to quit the show. Not sure if I love that he's been in love with her since the early days, but I can look past that.

Mika and Helm are freaking adorable together, but Helm being co-chief resident is definitely going to get in their way next season, and that makes me sad because they're so cute together.

(Also, Ben made me tear up when he accepted his award. I don't think I've ever liked him as much as in these last few episodes. Far cry from elevator clipboard guy.)
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