Critical Role: A Desperate Call (C3E36)
October 10, 2022 4:08 PM - Season 3, Episode 36 - Subscribe

Bells Hells magically arrive in the city of Whitestone and meet a few legendary heroes in their search to save Laudna, but discover that her soul is not so easily retrieved...
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I loved this episode, despite the blatant fanservice. Multiple teary moments for me (goddamnit, Trinket).

Matt did a really good job of channeling each PC, although I wish there could've been a way for the players to step into their VM PCs (but get why they couldn't). Ashley falling straight back into accidental-Pike was incredibly sweet though.

and Fearne absolutely should've stolen that mask
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So is Laudna in some part of the Astral Plane (the fog effect is exactly how walking around the Astral works), a Domain of Dread (ditto), or a pocket dimension? Strictly speaking, elemental can't be summoned on the Astral Plane and Imogen's psychic spells should be like bombs going off (spells are more effective per the Guide to the Astral Plane which is also super old and like no-one uses it) so maybe one of the other two.
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Matt's attention to... I don't want to say "detail" exactly, but in setting the right mood for the players, is really special. I notice that, when describing Vox Machina characters to the players, he's always referring to them as "Lord De Rolo", "Lady Vex'halia" etc. even though the players obviously know them well.
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That's a great point - I suspect it's also a subtle way of projecting and imposing psycological distance for the players - eg "This isn't Vex, anymore Laura. This is Lady Vex'halia"
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