Answer Me This!: #306: Ainsley Harriott, Colleagues on Tinder, and Chicken Kiev
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This episode the the gang considers: Ainsley Harriott; Extreme Wink Murder; standing desks; Britney Spears’s haircare range; Barry Norman’s pickled onions; Paul Simon’s chicken and eggs; yellow dusters; skateboarding and similar activities; having ‘a bit of fun’ on Tinder; and Chicken Kiev.

Plus: Olly’s madeleine is the Bernard Matthews Mini Kiev; Helen is sitting all the way to skating glory; and Martin the Sound Man preaches discretion when encountering colleagues on Tinder. Got something to confess, Martin?

AMT306 Child-Friendly Rating:"%" - Quite a few swears. Some crudity towards the end, involving One Direction’s bodily fluids, polishing wood, and Tinder.
posted by jazon (2 comments total)
I listened to this this morning on the way into work and have spent the day off and on musing about the what differences there are in our particular (sub?) cultures that it seems, to Helen and Olly, perfectly reasonable to drop £400-600 on clothing and stag nights for being in a wedding party, to donate a couple of hundred pounds' worth of work for wedding invitation design, and then be expected to hand over another £100 for a wedding gift, because the design work isn't considered to be the wedding gift.

I don't think I like any of my friends that much.
posted by telophase at 12:14 PM on January 23, 2015

I would legit watch Extreme Wink Murder.
posted by Rock Steady at 9:55 AM on January 25, 2015

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