Mystery Science Theater 3000: IT LIVES BY NIGHT   Rewatch 
October 26, 2022 4:29 AM - Season 10, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Rewatch! A guy is bitten by a bat and begins to turn into a creature with bat aspects. Batspects. We're nearly at the end of the classic series again, just three more episodes after this one. Previously.
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It's a running joke with my sister and me, that whenever one of us gets medical advice that sounds sketchy, the other will say, "Well, Dr. Mellow Ski Bum says it's OK."
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It's time once again for the weekly show of MST Club, taking place Thursday nights at 9 PM Eastern time, at
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"Take Meeeee out to the ballGAAAAAAME!"

I will never not laugh at Tom Servo/Kevin Murphy singing.
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"You're just a bad wife!"

"I'm tired of you shrieking your empathy at me!"

Another truly unlikable protagonist, my favorite!
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